Witch Faerie

Coming Of Witch

I’ve been creating a fairytale based around my name sleepyflow3r within my recent instagram posts. It’s about a light faerie that doesn’t know who or what she entirely is. This is something I’ve never done but have been thoroughly enjoying the creation aspect. After releasing each set, I plan on piecing the story together on my blog! Hopefully, you’ll be able to see where my imagination has taken me. These photos that I’ve created with Christina, I feel are a perfect current representation of sleepyflow3r. There are many reasons as to why I chose the name sleepyflow3r for myself but I feel its definition keeps changing as I grow with it. As I get deeper into my studies with the occult the closer I feel to my soul. Also, having an extremely talented photographer pal who can capture your soul is a plus! How often do we get share our souls through art expression? I’m so lucky to know Christina.

Consistency and discipline with my practice has been key. I have to admit that I’m growing impatient when it comes to wanting to share my gifts. There’s a time and a place I feel I’ll be able to offer many things to those in need. However, I’m still a caterpillar in my chrysalis. The only thing I can do is continue to grow, trust in divine timing, and hope that soon I’ll be able to share my gifts. Magic takes time.

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