Top Looks from Saint Laurent RTW Fall/Winter 2019-2020

My Guilty Pleasure..

High fashion isn’t something I normally write or blog about. However, there’s no doubt that some of us have our favorite designers, artists, and musicians that we never usually share. One of mine that I’ve only ever had the pleasure of indulging in once in my lifetime is Yves Saint Laurent. This brand has represented modernity, structured rebellion, and class in its decadent signature looks throughout the years. I may not be someone who consistently wears this brand but I do drool over it quite often.

When the looks begin to sprinkle across the internet as fashion week fades into a memory, I begin to gawk, maybe even drool. Many people think fashion is not art and its a waste of time, money, and pointless culture. It’s a great thing I’m not one of those people! This ready-to-wear collection of YSL for 2019/2020 was something I could expect from the brand but was still thoroughly impressed with the color schemes, shapes, and movement of each piece. The only aspect I’d have to say I’m not a fan of was the ending of the show..

No Blacklights Please

The neon trend is not something I can get on board with! I find neon in fall/winter to be too bold and too bright for the season. That’s not to say, one can’t be creative or even daring during the season but I just was not inspired by the neon. I didn’t include any looks from the ending of the show for that reason. Bright colors in fall and winter seems daring maybe even edgy but I found it reminiscent of a black light party in my freshman college days. I don’t mean that in a nostalgic good way. The models became unseen and the only aspect of clothing that was seen were their blacklight attributes. Watching the video of the runway show, it seemed entertaining to see bright neon colored clothing float around in the dark and be displayed against a large mirror. I give YSL that credit for creativity but the neon colors seemed fitting for ravers and 2010 club goers. Nonetheless before the lights went out, there were some eye catching pieces. Watch the show below and leave a comment about what you think about the neon!

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