The Radiance Faerie

Queen of the Fae

It may come as a surprise that I adore the contrast between black and white. Lol! Were you surprised? Aside from my corny jokes, the colors are polar opposites but always seem to play so well together. Whenever I was gifted this dress, I knew I had to save it for a faerie-esque photoshoot someday! It’s just got that folk-lore kinda vibe. Being a committed pagan sometimes involves researching various mythologies to help get a better understanding of ancient traditions and ideologies. Amongst some Pagan beliefs involve a supernatural being most commonly known as the faerie.

For this look, I didn’t necessarily know whom or what I may be channeling. After the photos came back, I realized it may be Áine. Áine is the Celtic Faerie Goddess of Litha aka (Summer Solstice). Áine means radiance which I presume has to derive from the importance of the sun during her reign. She is commonly associated with the sun and moon. Some believe that she is the sister of Grian. With Áine ruling with light half the year and Grian the other half dark. However, Grian could be another aspect of Áine. People worshipped Áine because they hoped she might bestow abundance, fertility, and prosperity upon them. She’s mainly known as Queen of the Faeries because of her many relationships with human men. Its rumored she gave birth to a magical human faerie race.

Summer Faerie

During the summer season is when I feel the most alive. This is mainly because I was born in August and my sun sign is the sun itself. The sun is healing but can also burn you. Therefor being light and dark, I thought this faerie was relatable to this look. Going further into my research about Áine, I discovered she was raped by a King. During the rape, its mentioned that she bit off his ear and because of his disfigurement he was unfit to be a king. Her strength reminds me of how powerful a determined woman can be. Áine is commonly invoked by practicing faerie pagans to invoke fertility, faerie magic, protection of women and animals.

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