November Feelz Playlist

Getting back in my groove with my youtube channel by sharing my favorite songs during the month of November! I love finding and sharing music with people, so hopefully you can find something you enjoy from this video & spotify playlist! If you’d like to hear more of what I listened to this month check out out my playlist here —>

Top 10 Songs

1.Destroyer – Ruby Haunt

2.Darling – Ruby Haunt

3.Face The Fire – Boy Harsher

4.Juicy Socks – Cherry Glazerr

5.SWING – Tory Lanez

6.Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off – Lebanon Hanover

7.She Bad – Tyla Yawah

8.Any Old Time – Billie Holiday

9.#1 Crush – Garbage

10.Neverland – Sisters of Mercy

Death of Lovers – Live at The Echoplex

Death of Lovers

Death of Lovers

As my music interests have been constantly evolving, I came across the band Death of Lovers a few months back. My discovery was shortly after their latest album,  “The Acrobat” was released in November 2017. I was stoked to find another really good 80’s post punk alternative band! The funny thing about discovering them was a friend from Texas previously introduced me to another band called ‘Nothing’ before I moved to California. Little did I know, Death of Lovers and Nothing are the same band! The two bands sound completely different but yet are both so good!

Death of Lovers sound is modern but has hints of 80’s synth-wave sound bits and dark undertones that are comparable to bands like The Cure, Joy Division, and more. I wasn’t able to recognize any similarities in their music that could possibly link Nothing and Death of Lovers together. My mind was officially blown upon learning that. However, both bands are incredibly good and if you’ve never heard of them give them a listen!

Death of Lovers has only announced 3 shows for 2018. Luckily, I had the opportunity of seeing Death of Lovers in Los Angeles at The Echoplex this past Sunday. I won’t give away their set list. However, I can hint they played some of my favorites such as “The Lowly People” from The Acrobat and “Buried Under a World of Roses” from their first EP!

Death of Lovers – “Perfect History”


Sharing is Caring

Being a new blogger, I’ve begun to experiment more often with my creativity in sharing my interests. Recording an amazing band on my iPhone and editing it was not in my plan during the show. Normally, I don’t like to take my phone out or have a camera present while listening to a band perform.

Despite my own ideologies, I realized this moment needed to be shared and preserved because of how rare the performance was. I began to think about how many people that won’t get to experience the same feeling. Ya know, the feeling of seeing a band you really like for the first time and that band rarely tours. That feeling. Living in Los Angeles gives me opportunity to see bands like Death of Lovers and many others that don’t tour often. Good music should always be shared and I think that’s one of my purposes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the live performance. Give Death of Lovers & Nothing a listen on YouTube, Spotify, and their website!                                                           

5 Underground Musicians

Underground Music – January 2018

Alice Glass

If you don’t know who this musician is already, I bet you’ve heard of her former project Crystal Castles! Glass departed from Crystal Castles in October 2014 and began working on a solo career. She mentioned her reason for leaving the group being “working in the band compromised her efforts towards sincerity, honesty, and empathy for others”. Whatever the fuck that means.. we thoughtAfter leaving, she continued to have open door disagreements with former boyfriend and band mate Ethan Kath creating speculation of why the band broke up.

With recent media influx of sexual harassment, Alice Glass made a new public statement in October 2017 concerning former band made Ethan Kath. To summarize the statement, Alice Glass declared that she was raped and abused in numerous ways from the age of 15 by Ethan Kath.  Since 2014, Alice has been working on her mental and physical recovery. Her new self titled album is one you need to listen to! It highlights Glass’ lyrical genius and has allowed her to experiment with a new sound! We are all proud of Alice for leaving a toxic situation and continuing her craft.

Rico Nasty

Ahh yes, another interesting good ole’ Twitter find. Rico Nasty has been putting in the work since early 2016 and her music is finally being heard! Originally from New York, Rico drew me in with her personal style and upon hearing her music I quickly understood, she was eccentric. Rico Nasty’s latest album Sugar Trap features her most popular songs “Key Lime OG” and “Poppin'” and after playing it on repeat, I was convinced she was a modern woman version of DMX. However, she doesn’t only scream and rap in her latest album, Rico also has a variety softer sounding songs.  She radiates confidence throughout her lyrics and creates music that most people can have fun to. Definitely check Rico’s music out if you’re looking for a  new banger.

Kailee Morgue

One of my favorite things about music is being able to discover a musician whose voice or talent is unheard of and Kailee Morgue is that unique underground artist. I’m telling you right the fuck now, you need to listen to this angel! Coming across Morgue singing a cover song on Twitter in late 2016 was what I’d like to call a rare find. She began her music career by posting videos online of her singing cover songs and playing the guitar in her bedroom. Those videos were quickly retweeted and shared by thousands of people on the internet on various social media websites. Kailee Morgue went viral in a fast amount of time.

From my memory and just stalking her online presence for the past two years, Morgue then began working underground with a friend who produced her beats. They managed to put out a few songs that also went viral via Soundcloud. From the moment I heard Kailee Morgue sing, I knew she was going to get signed. Morgue signed to Republic Records in 2017 and her debut EP titled “Medusa” is reported to release on January 19, 2018. Keep an eye out for this musician, her voice and lyrics will captivate not only your ears but your soul.

Jack Jarlow

It’s been a long time since a modern rapper has made me want to listen to what they were actually saying. Jack Jarlow is an up and coming 19-year-old rapper from Kentucky and when I first heard him spit bars, I was shocked! He may not be rapping about the most serious subjects, but his talents have definitely shined through. I’m looking forward to see what else he puts out in 2018…

Kitty aka Kitty Pryde

Kitty has been underground since 2011 but definitely not unheard of! Formerly known as Kitty Pryde, she took a rise to fame with viral songs such as “Okay Cupid” and “Florida” in early 2012. She was an influencer of a new genre of modern underground rap.  During that time, she collaborated with rapper Riff Raff on a song titled “Orion’s Belt” that quickly grew popular amongst Youtube & Soundcloud users. Since then, we’ve all been wondering.. where did she go?

Kitty remained working quietly on a new album and raised money through a crowdfunding. Kitty had previously been offered deals with record labels but refused to give in to becoming a fake persona to sell records. By using KickStarter she was able to raise $39,000 for a solo project! Her latest album Miami Garden Club was released in August 2017. The new album showcases a growth in Kitty’s musical talents because she had complete control over the entire thing. Miami Garden Club sounds much more mature and experimental than previous projects she’s worked on. Congrats on putting out an album Kitty!