Curly Hair Routine 2018

How to Blend Curly Clip In Extensions with Natural Hair


Sup guys! Remember when I said I was going to do natural November and then my real life took over? Haha yeah me either… Thankfully I did manage to squeeze time in to film during November even though it’s now December! Lol! I had these curly clip in extensions laying around and decided to show you guys how to achieve this hairstyle! If you’re curly and natural but don’t like your length, this is the perfect way to easily switch it up and create a new look. Let me know if any of you natural ladies try clip ins after this video!

My Current Fave Natural Hair Products 2017


Totally meant to upload this last week, but ya know life gets in the way sometimes. Lol! Anywho. Hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving! In this video I talk about what products I’m currently using on my natural hair. It’s always good to test different products out to see what works best for you. I hope that by sharing the product I use, you are able to experiment and maybe try something out of your normal routine!