Some Fuckin’ Attitude

Photos by: Tyler Hagen

The entire outfit was thrifted besides the boots.

Those are of course Demonias.

Fuck an Instagram Niche

This outfit is kinda edgy and it’s been awhile since I’ve dressed like this! My style is always based off my moods which are consistently changing. Apart of me always thought I couldn’t be an influencer because I couldn’t stick to a cookie cutter aesthetic/theme/style. I always opted for long paragraphs and inspiration imagery instead of displaying my creative talent. Which is stupid because I have many ideas.. just never brought them into physical reality. The inspiration and long paragraphs are still around though. Lol!

Something is just way different about this year for me! My tarot card of the year is the wheel of fortune. So, that definitely set the mood and I’m going all in and don’t care if it’s not cookie cutter or good enough. Life’s too short for that and if I want to share what I create, I’m just gonna do it and not give two fucks about whether its socially acceptable.

Stop Making Me Laugh

The universe has been working in mysterious ways as of lately and its freaking me out. Not in a ‘this is a really bad life freaked out’ but more of ‘I can’t believe this is happening freaked out’. It’s like watching something amazing happen in slow motion on replay. Except, I don’t know what the entirety of what the amazing thing is I’m watching. I just know it’s amazing and right now, it’s just going really slow! I love it but I want to know how it ends.

Love & Light