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Skin & Earth

What girl do you know that reads comics? If you happen to know one, she’s probably a badass! In this digital era, it’s not so common to read comic books. On top of the unique interest, being a girl who reads comics has always been rare.  Lights, one of my favorite musicians, has inspired many girls over the past decade to take up the interest of comics throughout her career. The singer has always expressed an influence in comics through her album artwork, music videos, and interviews. With Lights debuting her 4th studio album Skin & Earth, she’s blessed us all by creating a comic that correlates with her music. I personally have never known a musician who created a concept album involving a comic book series. Lights is paving a new way of music expression and also inspiring more girls to read comics! This concept album was incredibly different and Lights fans were thrilled for this new medium of her art.


Lights Unlocked

The reason I’m sharing this on my blog is because I’ve finally finished the comic book series and it was amazing! This comic book series gave a new perspective to Lights’ personality and creativity. I’ve watched a few interviews of her talk about the album, the comic, and how its fictional. However, I can’t help but think some of the story is true and has been inspired by personal events in her life. For example, the main character is involved with another woman which came out of left field.


 After the comic released Lights mentioned in an interview “If I met the right girl, I could easily fall in love”. Not that it’s a huge surprise that she’s openly bisexual, but she’s never personally shared that with fans. With every album she produces, its like we get to unlock little parts of her soul. It’s great to understand and connect with an artist that makes music you can easily associate with. This comic book made me personally feel as if I got to know her on a deeper level.


Music & Comics

Before I was able to get my hands on the comics, I listened to the music. The song “Giants” was released and I was skeptical about the new album. It was hard to associate with the song because I didn’t grasp an understanding behind the lyrics. The next song she released was “Skydiving” and my hope was quickly restored at least in the musical aspect of the album. Lights also gave hints to what the comics were about in music videos but I still had no idea of the meaning behind the songs. After reading the comic book series, everything made sense! My recommendation is to listen to the album and then read the comics. The story of the comic series is truly inspiring and has an amazing lesson overall.

I won’t spoil the story for you,

but I will mention some vague commentary

 to look out for while reading!

Issue 1 – Priest looks very similar to someone close to Lights.. HMM..

Issue 2– My heart breaks at the end of this issue. 🙁

Issue 3– I was screaming all through out this issue. It’s my favorite of the series! I was shook!

Issue 4– Pay attention to the illustration & detail here!!!

Issue 5– My thoughts.. “What the fuck is about to happen???” I NEED ISSUE 6 RIGHT NOW!!!

Issue 6– Lengthiest of all issues, lots of dialogue, amazing illustrations.. everything makes sense. Closure.


Giants – Official Music Video


whiskey words & a shovel – r.h. Sin

Hello. Hi.

Welcome back book worms! Here we are again with another poetry book. Imagine me voicing that last sentence with a tone of sarcasm accompanied by a nonchalant eye-roll. The reason I’m rolling my eyes is because there are so many of these poetry books floating around now, it’s weird! I read a bunch of poetry books as a teen and thought they were all the rage back then. However, there wasn’t that many to choose from when I began having an interest in poetry..

Writing Art

Back in early 2000’s, the style of poetry books seemed more unique in my opinion. I could easily finish an entire series because I was overjoyed with the storyline. The narrative made me want to keep reading. The poetry books were cooler in a sense of style. The words were displayed upside down, spaced apart, bolded, written across the page, and more. How the words were being displayed was the art form. The presentation often persuaded the reader to analyze the meaning behind the word being emphasized. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy the old teen poetry books more. I’m a word junkie.

Also, not every poetry book was about the same subject back then either. The books followed more of a traditional style writing by having a narrative. I brushed up on this issue in my recent review of “Neon Soul” by Alexandra Elle. Now, I feel as if Milk & Honey has paved the way into a new style of  “teen novel” poetry books. We are now seeing two dimensional & minimal looking illustrations in almost every teen poetry book. It’s not bad to have the illustrations, it’s bad that I can spot the influence. If I can tell that an author had inspiration from Milk & Honey to write a similar book of their own, I’m not going to read it.

Poetry Book Rant

Honestly, I feel like I’ve been reading the same book repetitively because of the style and subject almost being identical within 3-4 different books. The author usually writes about experiencing love or heartbreak through poetry and it’s nothing new or impressive. Maybe I’m jaded but one thing that really ticks me off is the lack of narrative. These new age authors skip from poem to poem without any direction. I don’t feel as if there is closure when I’m done reading their books. I feel as if I’ve read their experience in life, but not an actual story that’s complete.

Anyway, Ellen Hopkins was one of my favorite poetry book authors as a teen. Shout out to Ellen! You go girl! Her writing style had a huge influence on my own poetry writing. Although, I wasn’t inspired enough to jump up and write a book that was exactly the same as her that year, but ya know to each his own!

Now that I’ve gotten my rage out about poetry books I have to say, excuse my eye-roll comment earlier about “whiskey words & a shovel”,  it had nothing to do with my actual review of the book. I actually liked this book despite it also fitting in with the new poetry book trends. Let’s get into the review, if you’re still down to hear my opinion. Lol!

The Review

(No Spoilers, just photos of quotes & a few opinions on writing)

If I had a friend who was healing from a bad break up, I’d recommend this book to them! I actually enjoyed the book! However, I’d only recommend this if they were at a point of healing where they may feel anger more than sadness. Everyone heals differently, but this book carries more anger than sadness. One aspect I enjoyed about this book is that the author often directly speaks to the reader. “No one taught you, to love you, and that’s your biggest problem”. Sin may be referring to ‘you’ as his self in certain contexts, as if he’s talking to himself but its interchangeable with the reader.  I find that in his poetry to be unique. Also, Sin may or may not be a woman, but from his website I’m assuming he’s male. There are no photos of him besides his hands and to me it looks like he has man hands! I could be totally wrong though. If he is in fact a man, I feel as if the story is a completely different one and I’m going to re-read it. I read this in the voice of a woman, but going over it again I’m like wow that makes much more sense.

This book was published in 2017 and is easily associated to a younger generation. For example he uses social media terminology like hashtag in one of the poems. Not that it’s a bad thing, I’m just an old soul and hate connecting to present time in books. Using the term hash tag was a detail that stuck out to me as unappealing, but to each his own! There are also a lot of cliche moments that I’ve personally already seen. One of his poems is “watching you in museums is like witnessing art observing art”.  Can we even consider that a poem or original? I’m throwing shade for that one. How many times have you guys already seen that line on the internet? His writing isn’t all bad, as I said earlier I did throughly enjoy the book. It easily guides the reader from feeling sad to being mad to being hopeful and that’s honestly all I want to say about this book. I didn’t easily have a connection to the book at first, but as I continued reading and the anger in the poetry  is what stood out to me. I guess you’ll just have to read it, because I’m not going any further into details on this one!

This Is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz – Book Review


Book Review, Books, Fiction, Good Reads, Junot Diaz, Love, Romance, Fiction, Novel, Hardship, Struggle, Latina, Hispanic, Players,

Book Review, Books, Fiction, Good Reads, Junot Diaz, Love, Romance, Fiction, Novel, Hardship, Struggle, Latina, Hispanic, Players,

This Is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz – Book Review

This book was recommended and gifted to me by a dear friend. Normally, when someone recommends a book I am apprehensive only because its rare that I find someone who likes the same books as me. Also, I recently just got back into reading so my tastes and opinions probably have changed since I was an avid reader. Upon receiving the book, I was surprised to find out that it was about love. Love is definitely one of my top interests for books and this didn’t seem like a very challenging read. So, I gave it a shot and…

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