The GashlyCrumb Tinies – Edward Gorey Book Review


If you’ve browsed through any of my social media or just happened to connect my blog name to my extreme interest in death and not just sleepiness, congrats! Anything that’s related to death, I’m particularly into. It’s something that I don’t know why it attracts me or interests me and I’ve always held onto things related to it tightly. However, if you find my interest perturbing or sort of sick this coffee table book is definitely not for you. There isn’t necessarily a story for this book.. so I can’t exactly spoil anything. However, I can share my infatuation I now have for “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” and Edward Gorey.

Being Attracted by a Book

While browsing around Amazon, I found this book cover calling my name. The image of a seemingly friendly grim reaper whose holding an umbrella over children seemed as if it would fit with my interests. I’ve never read anything by Edward Gorey, but even his last name intrigues me. The writer’s last name is Gorey! He has GORE in his last name for Christ sakes! Okay, I had to look it up and yes that’s his real last name! His last name is perfectly suited for this book and it was hard for me to believe. Upon verifying the authenticity  of his last name, I discovered that Gorey passed away at age 75 in early 2000. This deeply saddens me and I’ve only read one of his books.  If anything, my sadness should give you a hint at how much I adored The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

The Review..

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