Witch Faerie

Coming Of Witch

I’ve been creating a fairytale based around my name sleepyflow3r within my recent instagram posts. It’s about a light faerie that doesn’t know who or what she entirely is. This is something I’ve never done but have been thoroughly enjoying the creation aspect. After releasing each set, I plan on piecing the story together on my blog! Hopefully, you’ll be able to see where my imagination has taken me. These photos that I’ve created with Christina, I feel are a perfect current representation of sleepyflow3r. There are many reasons as to why I chose the name sleepyflow3r for myself but I feel its definition keeps changing as I grow with it. As I get deeper into my studies with the occult the closer I feel to my soul. Also, having an extremely talented photographer pal who can capture your soul is a plus! How often do we get share our souls through art expression? I’m so lucky to know Christina.

Consistency and discipline with my practice has been key. I have to admit that I’m growing impatient when it comes to wanting to share my gifts. There’s a time and a place I feel I’ll be able to offer many things to those in need. However, I’m still a caterpillar in my chrysalis. The only thing I can do is continue to grow, trust in divine timing, and hope that soon I’ll be able to share my gifts. Magic takes time.

Until then,


“I know what I am. Do you?”

From the Ashes

Hello again. I apologize for my absence as I’ve been staying in the shadows since May. Something traumatic happened and I was left to figure out how to move forward. That meant putting a halt on any of my creative endeavors. As time passed, my fire began to burn from the inside out again. So..here I am. Returning to my blog but with a different light. Prepare for a few changes my little flowers..I only hope you’ve missed me.

This outfit was inspired by my latest Netflix binge, Penny Dreadful. It’s absolutely insane that I’d never given the series a chance up until recently. Of course, I fell in love with the storyline! From the clothing, the music, the actors, and the time period the series took place was extremely refreshing and romantic for me. I have an appreciation for historic and traditional things and this show aligned with adoration. Penny Dreadful re-lit the fire I thought I’d burned out. How amazing is it that we get to live in a world where daydreams can become reality AND the past can become present through art?

Recently, I attended the Oddities Flea Market in this look. The outfit was absolutely perfect for the occasion! To be surrounded by people who flock to the dark and unusual just as much as you do is quite the out of body feeling, but a tremendously good one! That’s all for now..


Until next time,


Wrong Era

Top – Shein

Vest – Iguana Vintage Clothing


Boots- I don’t remember!

Hat – American Vintage

Going back to my roots with the all black outfit in this look. To be honest, I miss having long black hair to coordinate the entirety of my usual all black style! My pink hair has definitely been fun but summer is winding down and I also want to. My birthday is in a few days and because of the age I’m turning, I’m not excited. I feel like this birthday age is probably going to be one that starts the decline of my excitement for future birthdays. Haha!  Anywho, whenever I purchased this hat I never thought in a million years I would like the way it looked on me! Whenever I wear wigs or have extensions in, hats are one of my favorite accessories to add into looks. I’m normally limited and can’t wear them with my natural curly hair. So, I was super excited to find that this fiddler’s cap fit perfectly on my head.

If I had to describe this look, it’d be a mixture of boho and rock n roll. It’s strange how different both aspects of those styles are and yet they still work so well together. Whenever we imagine Bohemian styles, we probably think of patterns, flowy skirts, and tons of color. This outfit lacks the color, but does have the classic bandana print paired with a suede bag. Those details plus the 60’s sunglasses and fringe vest are what make the outfit eclectic when paired together. This outfit is interchangeable and could be worn on a dinner date or to a music concert! I hope you all have a good summer.








Betty Boop x Lazy Oaf

Top – Lazy Oaf x Betty Boop Belt Strap Top

 Shorts – Black Twill Divided H&M Shorts

Shoes – Jadon Black Polished Smooth Dr Marten Boot

Sunglassess –  Vintage Decorated High Pointed Tip Stylish Cat Eye Sunglasses

Beret –  Black Brandy Melville Beret


Hi guys! I apologize for lack of updates. I’m still alive.. I think! I’m going to try to upload more outfit of the day posts instead of doing full on photoshoots. I feel like I’m not good enough lately because I don’t have all the fancy smanchy blogger photos like most instagram fashion bloggers. My brain gets overwhelmed and I end up not shooting anything. So, I decided a little at a time is better than nothing at all!  I hope you all are well and are excited for summer!




Date With The Night

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Blazer -(Thrift) Here is something Similar — > Blank NYC Velvet Notch Collar Blazer

Top – Forever 21 Ribbed V-Neck Bodysuit 

Jeans – Petite Moto Black Jamie Jeans

Shoes – Chinese Laundry Women’s Ariana Dress Sandal, Now Nude Velvet, 8 M US

Bag –  Saint Laurent Monogram Envelope Chain Wallet in Black Grain De Powder Textured Mattelasse Leather

This outfit made me feel extremely powerful and it definitely had something to do with..

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