Stephen Mackey Art

Strange Daydreams

Stephen Mackey is one of my most recent and favorite art finds that everyone should know about! Well, maybe not everyone but those who have a heart for art definitely will appreciate this artist. His focus is primarily in oil paintings and they are absolutely breathtaking! Mackey’s paintings are the type of work that’ll easily cause a viewer to tilt their head out of curiosity in any art gallery. Imagery Mackey creates within his work can be characterized as dreamy, romantic, and full of fantasy at a distance. However, taking a closer look there’s something seemingly bizarre in the details of any of his works. The strange aspects give depth to the characters he paints and it will fill you with interest. It’s like witnessing a dream in reality while experiencing Mackey’s art.

Experience vs. Interpretation

We often can’t understand why we dream the things we do.  After the experience of a dream, we crave to know the reason behind it. Most of the time there’s never a legitimate explanation and we’re just left wondering. Mackey’s paintings give that familiar feeling of uncertainty after a dream. There’s something we’re not entirely understanding while observing but regardless it may be beautiful or terrifying.  This is what I found to be extraordinary about Stephen Mackey’s paintings. Art is about perception and when it’s easy on the eyes but lacks depth, it’s hard for me to associate. Stephen Mackey is an artist I consider to be a rare find because he made me feel something…


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Be sure to check out his website for more images & info.


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