Sailor Sun

Top – Sailor Moon Printed Collar Shirt 

Shorts – Destroyed Fray Hem White Shorts

Boots – Current Mood Dark Star Boots

Cell Phone Case – Sailor Moon iPhone X Case

Can you tell for the past month I’ve been rewatching Sailor Moon? Lol! Whenever I was younger and occasionally caught Sailor Moon on tv, I never really thought about what I was watching to be honest.  It’s an amazing show because of unique entertainment and illustration but the mind blowing aspect now that I’m watching it as an adult, is that it also gives a positive influence or lesson after watching an episode. I never realized how many lessons the show actually taught and the influence it had on me as a child. Re-watching the series has made me feel more considerate and young hearted again. Not that that I’m super old, but I don’t typically watch anything animated in my free time anymore.

It’s hard to tap into our inner child as we get older. So.. this outfit was inspired by that tapping! Out of all the sailor scouts, I probably would be Sailor Mars because she’s always keeping it real with Sailor Moon. Mars is extremely independent and her element is fire which I can easily relate with. Lol! If I could makeup my own Sailor Scout, I’d be Sailor Sun and my element would have to also be fire. If you were a sailor scout, which would you be? Let me know in a comment below! Also, my advice I’d like to share is, don’t ever stop watching your favorite cartoons no matter how old you are! They’ll remind you of who you’ve always been and for some reason I find that extremely comforting. Maybe you will too. Ya never know until ya try!








  1. July 13, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    The pics are gorgeous! Love the hair, dress, everything!

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