Rose Ritualz

Photography By: @ChristinaGrimm

Dress – Rose Embroidery Velvet Hoodie

Boots – Camel 203 Demonia

Little Flow3rs

Whenever you like dark things people often associate you with ill intentions. Don’t let that nonsense get to you. A wise witch knows shadows only come from light. As long as you aren’t harming anyone, continue your ways. Be careful of how you use your intentions. What you speak into the world, what you wish, what you think, and what you do are all forms of energy. Think about what energy you’re creating within and outside of yourself. It’s okay and normal to be unbalanced often but being aware of when that happens will be the key to your self mastery.

Rose Priestess

This hoodie/dress was purchased a few years ago and I don’t believe I will ever part with it. Whenever I wear it, it makes me feel powerful than majority of the garments in my wardrobe. Its black velvet, embroidered with roses, has exaggerated bell sleeves, and has a red satin lining. This dress persuades me into feeling as if I could be the leader of a coven. Perhaps, maybe one day I will be! I encourage every person out there to find clothes that make you feel this powerful as soon as you put them on. Who knows what you will accomplish while wearing them.

Love & Light,



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