Returning from the Shadows

Where have I been?

Long time no see! It’s almost been an entire year since I’ve posted consistently to social media. I’m sorry, I disappeared without letting you know I was taking a break. To be honest, around that time I wasn’t in the best mental or emotional state and wasn’t focused on prioritizing my goals. So, I decided it was best if I took a step back to realign myself. Little did I know it was going to take an entire year…

Social media has always been a creative outlet for me. In the beginning I mainly used it to meet other people with similar interests. As time progressed, the way the world used social media changed and so did my attitude about how I should use it. Long story short, for the past few years I wanted to become a full time influencer but couldn’t keep up the workload and also pay my bills. 

Let’s get super real for a sec. Being an influencer and actually making enough money to live off of (especially in California) is extremely hard. It requires tons of work and time to ever see monetary gain. Living in sunny Los Angeles, land of instagram models and movie stars, the influencer lifestyle is so normalized. Regardless of it being normalized, there’s actually a lot of struggles influencers experience! Majority of them just tend to leave their struggles out when sharing with their followers. This isn’t me implying they aren’t being genuine but not many people like to share when they feel vulnerable or weak. 

So, after putting in what I felt was a lot of work and time to only not progress as much as I wanted, I realized my intentions weren’t clear.  Realizing that may seem obvious to some, but it helped me shift my mindset into pursuing lifelong goals rather than short term ego driven ones.

Mind Shifting

With my new focus in mind, I set out to make my lifelong dreams become a reality. I wanted to wake up every day excited to work on something I’m passionate about. However, sometimes you’ve got to work for the man in order to become the man, or WOman in this case! What I mean by this is, I’m having to work a full time job while also working to create my dream job. 

Basically, I’m working 2 full time jobs at the moment! That’s 80 hours per week. Yes it’s stressful and overwhelming but working on my dream makes my exhaustion so worth it. Plus, I’m a witch. I believe that if there’s a will, there’s always a way. Taking a break from social media was like quitting a 3rd job that wasn’t paying me. The break allowed me to make time to work on myself and build my store, Witchaven. 

The past year I spent most of my time studying and creating. I was doing that thing, ya know the one where you move in silence. I’ve finally come to a milestone within my goals that allows me to utilize social media again but this time with clear intentions.  There’s definitely some risk still that I’m taking by committing time and work to social media again but I feel very confident in seeing some form of return based off what I plan on sharing with you all. 

Time is one of the biggest forms of value and with the break I had, it was matter of spending it wisely. I can confirm it was a smart investment! With that being said, if you’re someone that’s unhappy with anything about your life.. just know you have the ability to make whatever you want happen. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go forward. Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith to get started. It really just depends on what you feel works best for you! 

Originally, I was going to return to Youtube by making a “What I’ve been doing while I was away’ video but that kind of video doesn’t really offer the collective much value unless their genuinely curious. As much as I like to think people want to know more about my life, I also realize that group of people is relatively small and that’s completely okay with me! So, if you’re in that relatively small group of people who took the time to read this blog post I appreciate and am so grateful for you! (air hug) I promise in the future if I ever need to take a break again, I will communicate that with you! I don’t plan on taking a break for awhile but ghosting people is disrespectful in my humble opinion and again I’m sorry. With that being said,  I hope to talk with you soon. Thank you for sticking around. <3

As Above

So Below,



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  1. Andrea Langley
    September 16, 2020 / 1:02 am

    YAY!! Welcome back! I’m so happy for you! You are truly so beautiful, creative, smart and intriguing! I cant wait for more content. See ya soon❤

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