Queen of Coffee Hearts

Photography by: Ron Khy

Top – Queen of Hearts Crop Tee

Shorts – Black Grommet Shorts x Backbite

Cowboy Boots – Thrifted somewhere in Los Angeles

Bag – Forever 21

Outfit Moods

Life is too short not to express yourself. If I want to go full glam to get a cup of coffee with a friend, then so be it. When you feel good, you look good. Remember that last sentence.. in that exact order! There are days where minimal effort is my mood and I can’t be bothered to think about a makeup brush let alone a lewk. Sooo with that being said, I never really know what makeup or outfit I’m wearing until I’ve tried it on and it feels right. Issa vibe, you know? You gotta feel it in your soul.

Wig vs. Extensions

In other news, did you notice I’ve changed my hair yet again? Hello! My name’s Raven and I actually work for the CIA. Lol.. just kidding! 😉 Most of the time people are curious whether my ‘latest’ hair is a wig or extensions and at this point I definitely don’t mind sharing the details. Ask away! I’ll give you the 411 sis. This time around, the blonde hair in the photos is a sew in! Can you believe it? I’m not wearing a wig?! Whaaaat? Lol.

Towards the ending of 2018, I started to gravitate more towards netural/natural hair colors. Majority of my 2018 hair colors were extremely bright, colorful, and way out of my comfort zone. It was time to retreat.. just a bit slightly with hair color. I’ve only ever been blonde once and it was for less than two weeks, but I enjoyed feeling like Barbie. Soo, Barbie has returned and is livinggggg for this hair!

It’s absolutely wild how differently people can treat you based off your hair color! For example, when I had pink hair a few said my hair was cute and that I looked magical. People seemed to think I was younger than I actually was and didn’t seem as hesitant to talk to me about my hair. Whenever I have black hair, people hardly compliment the hair and tell me I come off intimidating. Although I don’t ask for any of these opinions, feedback is a very interesting thing to receive about yourself. As long as you don’t take anything personal, it’s fine to hear it. Without the feedback, I woudn’t know which wig to wear when I don’t feel like talking to people tbh! :p I hope you’re having a good start to 2019. More things coming soon!

With love,



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