Psychic Witch


One may think themselves whatever they believe to be. Perception is in that of the beholder. You may look at me and think something entirely different than what I believe myself to be. Then, I could look at you and think something entirely different than what you believe you are. Someone once told me, ‘what you think yourself to be, others start to see and believe your thoughts’. Following that theory means whatever you think of yourself, you eventually become.

It’s easy to see something and want to associate with it. We’re instantaneously attracted and want to consume it. For example, I became infatuated with witches the first time I ever learned what one was. For years I wanted to be one and at times felt similar to one. The community of people I grew up around only believed them to exist in media and stories. I had never met someone who called themselves a witch.

In today’s times I feel there are many people who openly call themselves a witch. Well, at least on the internet they do! I feel as if the terminology has gotten watered down as it’s become popular. Although someone may call themselves a witch, it doesn’t mean they are living the full time lifestyle of one. Dedicating my life to the craft is what I truly desire. It excites me that so many people have an interest in witchcraft. Someday I hope to join or create my own coven when I feel confident enough to announce that I’m a witch. For now I’m just going to continue practicing what I believe in, in the hopes of it becoming my full time reality.

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