November Tarotscope Reading 2020

Instead of visuals and a typed tarotscope this November, I’ve decided to get more personal and create tarotscope reading videos! I’m not too entirely sure how it will go but I’m open to trying different ways of sharing my collective readings. If you’re unfamiliar, a tarotscope is a one card tarot reading that offers insight into a general theme or influence during a specific day, week or month. My November Tarotscope Reading is an astrological based tarot reading. This type of reading is for a collective group of people who may or may not choose to resonate with the message associated to their zodiac sign.

Settling into November 2020, the sun’s found glaring in the astrological sign of Scorpio from October 23 to November 21. This means, there’s a cyclical influence of energy on nature that happens each time the sun enters a new position in the sky. For majority of November, the sun’s position is in Scorpio and ends in the sign of Sagittarius. 

The symbol of Scorpio is a scorpion.

During ‘Scorpio season’, the collective energy in nature shifts from Libra’s influence. Libra season helped us reflect on what areas of life needed more balance. As we enter into Scorpio season we take Libra’s measurements into consideration and discard anything that is no longer in service to us or what is seen as excessive.

With this cyclical shift in nature, we begin to settle into our roots again. It’s almost as if we’ve shed our blossoms like certain flowers and plants in order to prepare for a new growth cycle. Scorpio’s energy collectively influences us to get to the root of our emotions, fears, and overall desires during the month of November. This is a time where collectively we begin to look into our shadow self. We begin to open up conversations with our inner demons. Now is a good time to ask yourself what fear is holding me back from my highest self? How can I face that fear in order to stop holding myself back?

Coming into the darker aspects of our being can be a very intense experience but in the long run this influences us to transform. It can give us the ability to come into a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves. Scorpio season is here to teach you how to navigate and cope through times of darkness. Are you willing to walk into the dark in order to attain what you desire? There is no light without darkness.

As Above

So Below,


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