New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread September 2020

Moon Phases

Throughout human civilization we’ve used the moon phases as an indicator of time. Knowing when the moon shifts into a new position allows us to plan accordingly. For example, many farmers today still take moon phases into consideration to know when the best time to plant and harvest crops are. Not only can we use the moon to indicate when’s the best time to fish or plant food but we can also use it to track feminine cycles! Originally, Native Americans used the moon as an indicator of seasons and also associated specific names to each reoccurring full moon. Unfortunately there aren’t names associated to any new moons but each new moon stations itself in a reoccurring sign throughout the year. It’s station allows us to interpret its cyclical influence.

A new moon is significant because it’s the beginning of a new lunar cycle. A lunar cycle is very similar to how a regular calendar portrays its starting date with 1 and ends with 31. The only difference is a lunar month begins when the moon is nearly invisible to the naked eye. She begins to reveal herself slowly again over the course of 29ish days.

How To Work With The New Moon

Some witches, including myself, like to use the lunar calendar instead of a regular calendar because we believe in nature’s interconnectedness. We too work in cycles, so why not work with the moon? The beginning of a new moon phase is a great time to re-align one’s self by planning their commitment to their practices. This means preparing your mind, body, emotions, and soul for a new month. There are a variety of rituals you can practice in order to get re-aligned and I’ve shared 5 New Moon Rituals on my youtube channel also if you’re interested. However, one of the most common and great practices for witches is tarot reading. The tarot can offer you insight into your subconscious and may help you navigate your path during this particular cycle.

The New Moon begins on September 17, 2020 and will be stationed direct in the sign of Virgo. In order to help you get realigned and better prepared for this new lunar cycle, I’ve created a New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread.

If you’re similar to me and have a hard time remembering what cards you pull for a reading, it’s okay! I recommend recording or writing it down and to use it throughout the cycle as a reminder to help keep you in alignment.

If you decide to try this reading out, I’d love to see it! Share it with me by tagging me on instagram or twitter @sleepyflow3r.

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