Goth Witch

This style is ironic and also very iconic. These outfits are from my latest youtube video “6 Goth Witch Outfits Styled by a REAL Witch”. There are so many different ‘types’ of witches out there and I definitely don’t box myself into any particular category.

Instead, I tend to place myself in ALL categories. Goth is a complex word in modern times because most people no longer associate it with the music genre. However, I listen to goth music and when I call myself goth.. that’s the reason. It’s not because I wear all black all the time.. but because I genuinely identify with the subculture goth that is associated to the music. With that being said, I don’t only “dress” goth because that would be very limiting to me.. but I believe this could be the beginning of a new styling series on my channel. Particularly one that focuses on different styles of witches and those that I at least identify with. If you’re interested in seeing more witchy styles, please leave a comment on my blog! I’d love to hear your feedback as words of encouragement.

For more goth witch outfit ideas, don’t forget to check out the full video!