Full Moon Magick Affirmations

How to Use Affirmations in Witchcraft

On December 29, 2020 the full moon will station direct in the sign of Cancer. This is basically a checkpoint for the witches who have set intentions from the previous new moon. Have you accomplished your wills by now? If not, it’s totally okay! The full moon brings clarity through its most luminous phase by shining its light on your consciousness. During this phase of the lunar cycle, it’s important to get clear about what must be finished in order to complete your new moon intentions.

In my latest video, 5 Full Moon Rituals for Witches, I share a variation of practices one can do in order to honor the lunar cycles highest point of culmination. Alongside those suggestions, I mention writing an affirmations list and verbalizing it. The power of positive self talk through affirmations can deeply effect your subconscious. So, when writing your affirmations, think about how you talk to yourself and keep in mind your initial intentions.

For example, if you haven’t been feeling body confident lately and one of your intentions was to become more confident this lunar cycle but as the full moon approached you’re still calling yourself ugly, unworthy, etc.. It may be best to start a daily ritual of practicing affirmations. An example of an affirmation you could say to Luna is ‘I am capable of loving myself as I am’. Go outside and say it to her face until you feel it resonates in your heart!

I recommend to write no more than 5 affirmations because the brain can only retain so much at a time! I also recommend writing these affirmations down on individual sticky notes & putting them in space you can see them on a daily basis! 

If you need some inspiration for affirmations, I’ve created a list but feel free to surf the internet to find some that best accommodate your intentions!

Happy Full Moon Witches!

As Above,

So Below,