Full Moon in Gemini Info & Free Tarot Spread (Lunar Eclipse)

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

When the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon, a lunar eclipse occurs. Basically the earth’s shadow blocks the sun’s light from the moon.  For witches that work with the moon, eclipses are important due to their relative influence of energy. This particular lunar eclipse is special because it also occurs during a full moon phase, making its power more heightened. There are different types of eclipses but the one taking place during this full moon is called a penumbra. This type of eclipse may be a bit challenging to spot in the sky because of the moon’s light being blocked. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the types of eclipses refer to the photo below.

The way we experience what’s relative to astrological events like eclipses, retrogrades, meteor showers, and etc. depends heavily on how its aspected within our own natal chart. For example, many people have mentioned they don’t have any issues during Mercury Retrograde and its not all the hype its made out to be. What those people may not understand is if Mercury isn’t aspected in a way that affects their individual natal chart, they may not feel any different!  Mercury retrograde is notoriously known for influencing technical or communicative issues for a 3 week period, so if your phone suddenly breaks or you keep misunderstanding a partner during that event you may definitely be feeling the influence.  Your experience is relative to the moment you were born.

How Witches Work with the Full Moon

Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow).

There are reoccurring themes that happen on a collective scale when major astrological events take place. The cyclical nature of these events allows us to have a general guideline on how to work with them which is great for witches who aren’t very astrologically inclined. Just having the knowledge of when an astrological event takes place is enough to be able to work with it. It’s not necessary to know each time if the event will individually effect your chart but it can be helpful! This is something you can choose to incorporate into your practice if you’re planning to learn more about astrology. 

During regular Full Moon phases, witches commonly celebrate because it’s a period of full culmination. It’s a signifying time of a lunar cycle being complete. All of the intentions one has set from the New Moon should be revealed through manifestations on or shortly after the Full Moon. On November 30 at 1:29 AM PST, a full moon stations in the sign of Gemini. There a few a things to keep in mind when the moon is stationed in Gemini but also some other aspects to consider since there is also an eclipse during this phase.

During the Lunar Eclipse, keep these things in mind:

  • Honor your intuition or subconscious and don’t ignore its signals. If something is giving you a red flag without any physical proof, respect it and don’t engage.
  • There also could be tension in how you communicate your ideas to others but its necessary in order to expand you’re knowledge of understanding of people. It’s advised to try listening more. Ask for feedback to ensure you and the other party are communicating clearly.
  • Under the influence of this eclipse, there’s a collective lesson to understand perception of one’s individual reality being a completely different experience for every one. Embracing the differences and learning how to express the same knowing on a mutual level gifts social awareness. By becoming more consciously aware of one another as a collective the value of our current experience becomes richer and much more soul touching.

One common way to work with the moon as a witch is to perform a tarot reading around its phase to receive guidance surrounding your current experience. I’ve designed a Full Moon in Gemini tarot spread that can offer a deeper understanding of your psyche during the lunar eclipse and full moon.  In the future, I’ll make a video on other types of rituals besides tarot readings that you can also use to work with the full moon or lunar eclipses. For now, give this tarot spread a go if you’re feeling it.

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