Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

What You Need To Know

The Aquarian energy of January has me hella excited for the full moon in Leo on Thursday (Jan 28)! Finally, a drop of warm motivational and creative energy that we all need. ? ✨?I’ll advise based off current astrological aspects to proceed with caution in how you accomplish goals and meet your needs during this time.

With the Leo full moon squaring Mars, our subconscious may urge us to take more risks than usual but it’s important to exercise self discipline. This energy may also require you to strategize healthy copying methods for an effective way to deal with emotional discomfort. 

Don’t get it twisted though, astrology always has something to help guide us but what we’re really here for is to celebrate the celestial event! Look at the moon, charge your crystals, perform a tarot reading, take a moon bath, meditate with moonstone, and get creative with your ritual to harness that Leo energy! ? 

As always if you use this spread, I’d love to see it! Tag me in a story or post! Happy Full Moon  loves. ?