How to Balance Energy

Practice Makes Perfect

The collective energy feels frantic but persevering today. There may be a million things to do and not enough time but any amount of work is still progress! With that being said, it may be difficult to work because your energy is off. Today I sensed there was a need to remind you to practice balance. So, I whipped up a little guide on one of my personal rituals that could help balance your energy anywhere you are!

There are many ways to manipulate your energy if it feels frantic and is disrupting your flow. Today, I’m just going to share one but there are many different practices out there. This little ritual I have when this happens to me may seem silly  (because you have a mental block) or like you’re not doing it right, but once you start practicing you’ll get back in your proper energy flow for the day. You may even have to do it multiple times in one day, but it works! Be patient and take your time when practicing. Your body will adjust with the ritual with time. 

This is something I personally thought was stupid when I first tried it but the more I practiced, the more it helped me! Remember, tis the Taurus season to slow down. We’ll get to where we’re goin, we just have to take care of ourselves first!

Love & Light