Hello. Welcome to my digital realm!

To give you some background information on who I am and what I do let’s start off with the basics. Raven is indeed my real name and I’m located near Los Angeles, California. If you couldn’t guess already, I identify myself as a soul witch and practice witchcraft regularly. I can’t give you an exact date on when I began to commit to my practice but throughout my life I’ve always been drawn to esoteric and occult topics. You can pretty much say the curiosity has been engrained in me since birth. Thanks mom. 

Practicing witchcraft is what makes me feel whole and also why I’ve decided to dedicate my life’s work to it. Majority of my time is spent studying a large range of topics ranging from holistic healing, medical astrology, spirituality, herbalism and the list goes on. The knowledge I obtain through my studies, I then share and teach to others in a way I feel will most benefit them. Most importantly, I work to create magick for those who seek what I offer.

So, what is it exactly that I offer? Well, my bachelor’s degree is in eCommerce and I’m am a certified aromatherapist! Both of those look really good on paper, but something I take great pride in is my 3 years of practice with reading the tarot. There’s no wrong or right way technically to read tarot but I personally believe knowing the origin, history, and understanding its traditional methods can help verify my legitimacy of being a ‘good’ or ‘suitable’ tarot reader. 

To break that down a bit more, as an aromatherapist I can help create custom products based off your health history that aids various condition such as depression, eczema, anxiety, cellulite, and way more. As for my tarot readings, I can offer to help you gain more clarity around a certain question or experience. I don’t tell the future with my readings but I can help you navigate the present by using the cards to tap into your subconscious. Lastly, it’s always been a dream of mine to open a store. With my dedication to witchcraft it’s only fitting that I open my very own witch boutique. I’m currently in the process of building my store, Witchaven. There’s currently no set date for that to open but I will certainly let you know when it does!

 My blog also allows me to share my various forms of self expression. Style and art is how I outwardly express myself. I tend to wear many different hats (& wigs, HA) and don’t limit myself when it comes to working in other industries. With that being said, you may also see me modeling for various clothing companies or featured in a non related witchcraft forms of art. I probably didn’t answer all of your of questions here, so be sure to check out the FAQ page or leave me a comment on any of my socials and I’d be happy to talk with you.

As Above

So Below,

Raven Rosie