Pasadena Daydream Festival 2019

My First Time

Originally I was planning to go to Austin City Limits in Texas because the line up seems amazing. Not only that, its just honestly not that expensive for a 3 day festival. The tickets range around $275 and has a ton of big name artists like The Cure, GunsNRoses, Cardi B, Meg The Stallion, and more! So, I was heavily debating on whether I wanted to go that. During this ‘should I spend the money’ thinking time, I saw that The Cure was also playing in Pasadena, California but in August rather than October when Austin City Limits is happening… Hmm

The Pasadena Daydream Festival was only 1 day, priced at $170 and only had 3 bands I really wanted to see. Instead of blowing over $1,000 just to go to a 3 day fest in another state, I opted for the Daydream Festival. I mainly just wanted to see The Cure for the first time ever in my life! Let me just say, I definitely got my money’s worth though because The Cure played a 2.5 hour set. They didn’t slow down once and neither did my dancing, singing, or tears. Lol!

Festival Lover

When it comes to attending a festival my inner child comes out and, I’m able to easily allow myself to have a good time. Going to festivals and seeing bands perform live is one of my favorite things to do because of how intimate and eclectic the experience is each time. You get to be surrounded by people who are into the same weird stuff as you, make friends, drink outside, and most importantly just live!

It’s also extremely fun for those who love festival fashion. For some fashion/style is not important but being the Leo sun I am, I have to express myself outwardly or I’ll feel caged. Style is something I’m aware of is a privilege and I’m very lucky to be able to live the life I do. I don’t ever want to seem like I’m shoving materialism down your throats.. it’s just something I genuinely enjoy when it comes to self expression. No judgement if it’s not your cup of tea! For this particular festival, I opted for platforms although the venue was held on a grassy knoll. It wasn’t extremely comfortable and I did fall at least once. NO REGRETS THO!!!!

Daydreaming in Pasadena

Overall I’d say the festival was a pleasant experience. It was extremely chill in the sense people could bring lawn chairs, their kids, and blankets to lay on while listening to music. I kept saying to Angela how cool it would be as a kid to say you were like 8 years old at a Cure concert.

Robert Smith seems to be extremely passionate about his work even after 40 years! It was as if I was seeing them in their 20’s and everything was brand new. The Cure’s music is something that’s deeply resonated with me for the small amount of time I’ve been on this earth. My heart feels more full hearing and seeing them play live. This was such a monumental concert for me because I have a feeling I won’t get to see The Cure ever play again due to their residency in England and their age. At the very least, The Cure has been marked off my list of bands to see before I die! I’ll always remember this festival as something extremely special in my heart.

Love & Light


Lights Live Performance 2019

Teragram Ballroom – Los Angeles, California – August 11, 2019

The Growth of An Artist

Watching one of your favorite musicians grow as an artist is one of the most inspiring things about life. Lights and her music have been there for me since middle school and it was so amazing to see her 3 days after my birthday. She just keeps getting better and better like a fine wine. From her first album to watching her go above and beyond to create an album with an accompanying comic is fuckin insane. Not only that she followed it up with an acoustic album! This video features a new song called “Tabs” from the acoustic Skin & Earth album. I had to record it live because of how beautifully raw the song is. The lyrics are pretty straight forward and the way Lights sings it packs a powerful punch in the heart.. or ya know wherever else your mind wanders when listening.

The Next Issue

Now that the acoustic tour is done and over with.. is Lights going back into hibernation to work on the next issues for the comic? I really hope so! She’s always working on something but I have yet to hear or see what’s been going on behind the scenes. Being a mom, a wife, an artist, a touring musician I honestly don’t know how she manages her life or hell even her mental health. Lmao but she seems to be a very strong willed person and genuinely killing the game. We love a strong woman! I’ll always be a ride or die Lights fan!

If you’re not familiar with the comic Skin & Earth Lights illustrated and wrote, I wrote a post on it in January of 2018! You can find that post here –> Skin & Earth Comic by Lights. It’s got some neat photos of what the inside of the comics looks like. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

P.S I think I’m getting better at recording live shows.

Maybe one day I’ll get to interview bands before or after the shows. 🙂

Love & Light


Some Fuckin’ Attitude

Photos by: Tyler Hagen

The entire outfit was thrifted besides the boots.

Those are of course Demonias.

Fuck an Instagram Niche

This outfit is kinda edgy and it’s been awhile since I’ve dressed like this! My style is always based off my moods which are consistently changing. Apart of me always thought I couldn’t be an influencer because I couldn’t stick to a cookie cutter aesthetic/theme/style. I always opted for long paragraphs and inspiration imagery instead of displaying my creative talent. Which is stupid because I have many ideas.. just never brought them into physical reality. The inspiration and long paragraphs are still around though. Lol!

Something is just way different about this year for me! My tarot card of the year is the wheel of fortune. So, that definitely set the mood and I’m going all in and don’t care if it’s not cookie cutter or good enough. Life’s too short for that and if I want to share what I create, I’m just gonna do it and not give two fucks about whether its socially acceptable.

Stop Making Me Laugh

The universe has been working in mysterious ways as of lately and its freaking me out. Not in a ‘this is a really bad life freaked out’ but more of ‘I can’t believe this is happening freaked out’. It’s like watching something amazing happen in slow motion on replay. Except, I don’t know what the entirety of what the amazing thing is I’m watching. I just know it’s amazing and right now, it’s just going really slow! I love it but I want to know how it ends.

Love & Light


See Black, See Bloom

Photos by: Tyler Hagen

Dress: Thrifted

Boots: Demonia Camel 203 Ankle Boot


There’s a story in this look. There’s a story in the photos. I can only imagine what you’re reading from them, what you’re feeling from them, and what you’re thinking of them.


The TRUTH about Ouija Boards

Are Ouija Boards Real or Fake?

Many people believe that ouija boards are evil, allow you to talk to spirits, and have somewhat a superstitious opinion on it. On the flip side of that opinion, some view the Ouija board as just a children’s game or decoration. In this video, I share the talking board’s history and provide what does or doesn’t make this a legitimate divination tool. As an occultist and witch, I think its neat to openly discuss our experiences with what we feel is supernatural. 

Video of blindfolded participants using the ouija board I reference in the video:

Love & Light