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    • Clueless Remake but Alternative?

      Clueless Remake but Alternative?
    • Demonia Summer Shoe Unboxing

      Demonia Summer Shoe Unboxing
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    Clueless Remake but Alternative?

    Photography by: Tyler Hagen

    Dress – Jawbreaker Reality Check Skater Dress

    Jacket – Thrifted

    Shoes – Demonia Camel 103 Sandels

    How to Style Color with Black

    Well, well, well.. Hello again. I’m finally making a return to my blog. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated with a styled lewk! Happy to be sharing something new with you. Working with photographers to shoot outfits I’ve created is something I throughly enjoy! It’s something I will always make time for because I’m that passionate about it. Big shoutout to Jawbreaker for allowing me to collaborate with them too. Jawbreaker Clothing has some pretty eclectic alternative pieces and I adore their brand. Whenever I was figuring out what I’d like to style, I surprisingly enough was attracted to most of their boldly colored & printed items. This can be an issue if you feel most comfortable in black. However I’m a firm believer if I like something, I will make it work. 😉

    On the plus side, almost every color is complimentary to black. It’s all about how you put things together when it comes to creating an outfit. If you look closely at the Jawbreaker Reality Check Skater Dress , the tartan is actually blue and not black! The black velvet jacket and shoes match so accordingly, the blue tartan and yellow dress seem to flow consistently with the entire outfit. There isn’t a clash of colors or patterns although they are brights and darks together. Also as a side note, having split dye teal hair can make things challenging too when it comes to styling boldly colored outfits. Personally though, I think the black side of my hair can calm the boldness of the teal when styling.

    The Goth From Clueless – Outfit Inspo

    Just imagine if the movie Clueless was redone and made from outfit aesthetics from this time era. Can you see this being an outfit picked for it? I definitely can! Especially if it was about alternative girls and their e-drama. This is a classic school girl look with an eclectic pop of flava! As always, I dare you to be different my flow3rs.

    Love & Light,


    How to make Skeleton Juice

    Things You’ll Need

    This morning I was craving juice and decided to work with what I had in the fridge. Luckily, it was a bag of carrots and a few apples! Adding apple to any juice recipe makes it sweeter and more detoxifying. If you’re new to juicing this is a great combo for you to try because of how simple AND tasty it is!

    Step 1: Prepare vegetables & fruits for juicer.

    Wash and cut them to fit adequately to fit in your juicer.

    Step 2: Add vegetables and fruits to juicer.

    Step 3: After tossing in all your ingredients, mix the juice with a spoon in the pitcher to even out the taste.

    Step 4: Pour in your favorite skeleton glass & Enjoy!

    Juicing is always a good idea but if you have kids this is a great way to trick them into drinking their fruits and veggies. It taste sweet depending on the recipe you use, looks halloween cool, and packs a nutritious punch! As far as recommendations on juicers goes, mine has been upholding well although it’s not the greatest one on the market. I recommend investing in one because they seriously are a great contribution to your overall health. This is the juicer I currently am using. It’s not the best but its also not the worst! You can also find a skeleton glass cup similar to mine through amazon but I originally purchased through Michael’s around Halloween season!

    This recipe made 1 skeleton glass of juice with a little extra left over for taste testing. :p

    with love & light,


    How to Wear a Wig Tutorial (Beginner Friendly!)

    How to Make Lace Front Wigs Natural Looking

    This tutorial was requested a long time ago and I’m so sorry I’m now just getting around to it! I’ve peeked around a few tutorials off the front page of youtube and not that many use my method to lay their natural hair flat before applying a wig. So, I seriously hope this helps! This is probably the easiest method to do before applying a lace front wig. This method is great for thick hair too! I personally would prefer to have cornrows anytime I’m wearing a wig so I don’t have to redo this method, but we have to work with what we have sometimes. Not all of us can cornrow or have the time to make an appointment. Use my method and slay that wig boo!

    with love & light,


    How to Fix Damaged Hair with Olaplex

    Best Hair Product of ALL Time!

    Olaplex works on curly hair, bleached, dyed, and naturally gray hair! This is one of the coolest products because it helps repair damaged hair and brings it back to life. I didn’t mention this in the video, but this product is VEGAN! Score for mother nature. This product is great for damage control. A bit pricy in my book but it goes a long way and is great quality.

    p.s i’m aware the product in my hair is not dried and might be a tad distracting. It’s not Olaplex, it’s from curl defining cream :p

    Products used in this video:

    with love & light,


    Demonia Summer Shoe Unboxing

    Summer Goth

    For some of you, the season of summer is something you absolutely despise. I can understand why and I empathize with you. HOWEVER, I’m a summer baby and this is my season! The sun and heat make me come alive. We are more inclined to wear less layers and show some skin. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to add to my shoe collection. I had been eyeing these Demonia Emily 100 sandals for quite sometime and finally decided it was time to make the purchase! This sandal takes care of my daytime style but I also had to find something playful yet chic to wear for my summer night shenanigans. I ended up with the Demonia Camel 103 platforms!

    In this video above, I go into detail about what I do and don’t like about both pairs. Be sure to check that out if you’re interested on getting the tea. I wasn’t sponsored for this video but I just thought I’d share my most recent purchase with y’all. Demonia is one of my favorite brands and I will always speak highly of them because of the quality and price. If you’re looking for platforms, go to them first!

    With love,