Demonia Summer Shoe Unboxing

Summer Goth

For some of you, the season of summer is something you absolutely despise. I can understand why and I empathize with you. HOWEVER, I’m a summer baby and this is my season! The sun and heat make me come alive. We are more inclined to wear less layers and show some skin. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to add to my shoe collection. I had been eyeing these Demonia Emily 100 sandals for quite sometime and finally decided it was time to make the purchase! This sandal takes care of my daytime style but I also had to find something playful yet chic to wear for my summer night shenanigans. I ended up with the Demonia Camel 103 platforms!

In this video above, I go into detail about what I do and don’t like about both pairs. Be sure to check that out if you’re interested on getting the tea. I wasn’t sponsored for this video but I just thought I’d share my most recent purchase with y’all. Demonia is one of my favorite brands and I will always speak highly of them because of the quality and price. If you’re looking for platforms, go to them first!

With love,


Psychic Witch


One may think themselves whatever they believe to be. Perception is in that of the beholder. You may look at me and think something entirely different than what I believe myself to be. Then, I could look at you and think something entirely different than what you believe you are. Someone once told me, ‘what you think yourself to be, others start to see and believe your thoughts’. Following that theory means whatever you think of yourself, you eventually become.

It’s easy to see something and want to associate with it. We’re instantaneously attracted and want to consume it. For example, I became infatuated with witches the first time I ever learned what one was. For years I wanted to be one and at times felt similar to one. The community of people I grew up around only believed them to exist in media and stories. I had never met someone who called themselves a witch.

In today’s times I feel there are many people who openly call themselves a witch. Well, at least on the internet they do! I feel as if the terminology has gotten watered down as it’s become popular. Although someone may call themselves a witch, it doesn’t mean they are living the full time lifestyle of one. Dedicating my life to the craft is what I truly desire. It excites me that so many people have an interest in witchcraft. Someday I hope to join or create my own coven when I feel confident enough to announce that I’m a witch. For now I’m just going to continue practicing what I believe in, in the hopes of it becoming my full time reality.

Love & Light


Witch Faerie

Coming Of Witch

I’ve been creating a fairytale based around my name sleepyflow3r within my recent instagram posts. It’s about a light faerie that doesn’t know who or what she entirely is. This is something I’ve never done but have been thoroughly enjoying the creation aspect. After releasing each set, I plan on piecing the story together on my blog! Hopefully, you’ll be able to see where my imagination has taken me. These photos that I’ve created with Christina, I feel are a perfect current representation of sleepyflow3r. There are many reasons as to why I chose the name sleepyflow3r for myself but I feel its definition keeps changing as I grow with it. As I get deeper into my studies with the occult the closer I feel to my soul. Also, having an extremely talented photographer pal who can capture your soul is a plus! How often do we get share our souls through art expression? I’m so lucky to know Christina.

Consistency and discipline with my practice has been key. I have to admit that I’m growing impatient when it comes to wanting to share my gifts. There’s a time and a place I feel I’ll be able to offer many things to those in need. However, I’m still a caterpillar in my chrysalis. The only thing I can do is continue to grow, trust in divine timing, and hope that soon I’ll be able to share my gifts. Magic takes time.

Until then,


The Radiance Faerie

Queen of the Fae

It may come as a surprise that I adore the contrast between black and white. Lol! Were you surprised? Aside from my corny jokes, the colors are polar opposites but always seem to play so well together. Whenever I was gifted this dress, I knew I had to save it for a faerie-esque photoshoot someday! It’s just got that folk-lore kinda vibe. Being a committed pagan sometimes involves researching various mythologies to help get a better understanding of ancient traditions and ideologies. Amongst some Pagan beliefs involve a supernatural being most commonly known as the faerie.

For this look, I didn’t necessarily know whom or what I may be channeling. After the photos came back, I realized it may be Áine. Áine is the Celtic Faerie Goddess of Litha aka (Summer Solstice). Áine means radiance which I presume has to derive from the importance of the sun during her reign. She is commonly associated with the sun and moon. Some believe that she is the sister of Grian. With Áine ruling with light half the year and Grian the other half dark. However, Grian could be another aspect of Áine. People worshipped Áine because they hoped she might bestow abundance, fertility, and prosperity upon them. She’s mainly known as Queen of the Faeries because of her many relationships with human men. Its rumored she gave birth to a magical human faerie race.

Summer Faerie

During the summer season is when I feel the most alive. This is mainly because I was born in August and my sun sign is the sun itself. The sun is healing but can also burn you. Therefor being light and dark, I thought this faerie was relatable to this look. Going further into my research about Áine, I discovered she was raped by a King. During the rape, its mentioned that she bit off his ear and because of his disfigurement he was unfit to be a king. Her strength reminds me of how powerful a determined woman can be. Áine is commonly invoked by practicing faerie pagans to invoke fertility, faerie magic, protection of women and animals.

Love & Light


Rose Ritualz

Photography By: @ChristinaGrimm

Dress – Rose Embroidery Velvet Hoodie

Boots – Camel 203 Demonia

Little Flow3rs

Whenever you like dark things people often associate you with ill intentions. Don’t let that nonsense get to you. A wise witch knows shadows only come from light. As long as you aren’t harming anyone, continue your ways. Be careful of how you use your intentions. What you speak into the world, what you wish, what you think, and what you do are all forms of energy. Think about what energy you’re creating within and outside of yourself. It’s okay and normal to be unbalanced often but being aware of when that happens will be the key to your self mastery.

Rose Priestess

This hoodie/dress was purchased a few years ago and I don’t believe I will ever part with it. Whenever I wear it, it makes me feel powerful than majority of the garments in my wardrobe. Its black velvet, embroidered with roses, has exaggerated bell sleeves, and has a red satin lining. This dress persuades me into feeling as if I could be the leader of a coven. Perhaps, maybe one day I will be! I encourage every person out there to find clothes that make you feel this powerful as soon as you put them on. Who knows what you will accomplish while wearing them.

Love & Light,