Slowdive Live at Levitation 2018

“Sugar for the Pill” – Slowdive

Choir Boy Live at the EchoPlex


Who is Choir Boy?

Choir Boy is a unique indie synth-pop music group that resides in Utah. To be quite honest, I’d never heard of the group before I knew of them touring with Death of Lovers. Once the tour was announced, I immediately had to give Choir Boy a listen and you definitely should too! After hearing a few songs, it was easy to understand why the band’s name is Choir Boy. Adam Klopp the lead singer and creator has an angelic voice that is implemented throughout his music in an uncommon way in this day and era. Choir Boy’s sound is something we could’ve possibly heard in the 80’s but here it is beautifully flourishing in 2018.

Choir Boy’s first album ‘Passive with Desire‘ was released in 2016 and features songs that exude a nostalgic presence. His music is soft with contrasts of heartbreak and mental health issues in the lyrics. Giving Choir Boy a quick listen captivated my soul and I was even more excited to attend the Death of Lover show. Here is a clip I recorded while at the show on January 21, 2018.

“Sunday Light” – Choir Boy

Live Performance at The Echoplex

Seeing Choir Boy perform live for the first time sounded as if I was listening to his pre-recorded album. Not only is his music amazing, but the bands talent is even better live! One of my favorite aspects of music is being able to listen to it in different mediums. For example, listening to an album through headphones, car speakers, record player, or hearing it live. My favorite medium is hearing music performed live and Choir Boy’s performance was phenomenal. Looking over the video I recorded of this performance, I was inspired to make something out of it. Hopefully Choir Boy doesn’t mind the visual edits.. Lol!

If you have never heard of this band, give them a listen on Spotify and check out their Youtube channel!



Death of Lovers – Live at The Echoplex

Death of Lovers

Death of Lovers

As my music interests have been constantly evolving, I came across the band Death of Lovers a few months back. My discovery was shortly after their latest album,  “The Acrobat” was released in November 2017. I was stoked to find another really good 80’s post punk alternative band! The funny thing about discovering them was a friend from Texas previously introduced me to another band called ‘Nothing’ before I moved to California. Little did I know, Death of Lovers and Nothing are the same band! The two bands sound completely different but yet are both so good!

Death of Lovers sound is modern but has hints of 80’s synth-wave sound bits and dark undertones that are comparable to bands like The Cure, Joy Division, and more. I wasn’t able to recognize any similarities in their music that could possibly link Nothing and Death of Lovers together. My mind was officially blown upon learning that. However, both bands are incredibly good and if you’ve never heard of them give them a listen!

Death of Lovers has only announced 3 shows for 2018. Luckily, I had the opportunity of seeing Death of Lovers in Los Angeles at The Echoplex this past Sunday. I won’t give away their set list. However, I can hint they played some of my favorites such as “The Lowly People” from The Acrobat and “Buried Under a World of Roses” from their first EP!

Death of Lovers – “Perfect History”


Sharing is Caring

Being a new blogger, I’ve begun to experiment more often with my creativity in sharing my interests. Recording an amazing band on my iPhone and editing it was not in my plan during the show. Normally, I don’t like to take my phone out or have a camera present while listening to a band perform.

Despite my own ideologies, I realized this moment needed to be shared and preserved because of how rare the performance was. I began to think about how many people that won’t get to experience the same feeling. Ya know, the feeling of seeing a band you really like for the first time and that band rarely tours. That feeling. Living in Los Angeles gives me opportunity to see bands like Death of Lovers and many others that don’t tour often. Good music should always be shared and I think that’s one of my purposes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the live performance. Give Death of Lovers & Nothing a listen on YouTube, Spotify, and their website!