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    Just Like Heaven Fest 2019

    Spring Festivals

    I feel like this Youtube video shows my personality a bit more raw than any other I’ve posted. 🙈 Festivals or ANY kind of music event are my kind of fun. I LOVE listening to live music, singing out loud, and dancing with friends. This was my first festival of the year and I can’t wait to see what the next one will hold.

    Love & Light


    Rock A Little

    All photography by: @ChristinaGrim

    Dress: Discontinued by Ironfist

    Shoes: Darkstar Gem Boots

    Hat: Don’t Remember – here’s a similar one –> Liv Felt Boater Hat

    Necklace: Raven Claw Necklace

    Are You Famous?

    Who’s considered a rockstar these days? We have new faces of fame and a plethora of new types of music but I can’t pinpoint a “rockstar”. We don’t view musicians the same as we once did in the 70’s or 80’s or maybe that’s just because I’m getting old. Haha! Those decades were some of the most influential periods of our century when it comes to culture! Speaking of culture, livin’ in California allows me to be submersed within several. Many people are well known stars here and regular non famous people live amongst them. It’s quite the norm to see a celebrity every now and then.

    One of the most interesting quirks about living in California is many people like to express themselves through style here. Almost anyone walking down Melrose or someone grabbing a cup of coffee in Beverly Hills could be famous. You’d never know it though unless they were like Miley Cyrus famous. It’s hard to tell whom is and isn’t famous because of the way people dress in southern California. Even the beach bums can look expensive lounging around in Venice in their trendy Free People or latest thrift finds.

    It’s easy to be influenced by the style of the stars when you live amongst them or are trying to become one. Having a style or personified look in any region of the world is what sets you apart.

    Dressing Like A Rockstar

    Personally, I’ve always had an interest in self expression and changing up my look! I can definitely understand why others can’t be bothered or find it of little importance though. Fashion and styling isn’t for everyone. It just makes me feel so damn good to wear something that allows me to express myself outwardly. However I dress is an extension of my internal mood every single day. I don’t have to communicate how I feel because you can see it through my style of clothing. This outfit is a great example of influence and mood expression. Before I go into telling you about my inspiration for this outfit, take one good guess where it came from. Any guesses?

    When I finished changing for this look and came around the corner to show the photographer Christina, she immediately said “This is sooo Stevie Nicks vibes!”. She knew without me even saying that’s who the look was inspired by. Also keep in mind, this was the first time Christina and I had ever met or even worked together! She’s so precious, talented, and artistic. I’m so lucky to have found her through instagram and gotten the opportunity to work with her. Christina understood the vibe of this look and helped make me feel as magical as a modern Stevie Nicks would while shooting.

    This look is one that anyone can easily put together and instantly make themselves feel like a rockstar. All you need is a fancy pair of boots, a little black dress, and a hat! It’s witchy, magical, and celebrity like. I’m off to go have my own dance party to a Stevie Nicks record.

    Until Next Time,


    Removable Wallpaper Tutorial| Home Decor for Beginners

    Home Rental Hacks

    Decorating anything and everything is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy! Making a house a home is very important to me and I’ve never really gotten the opportunity do such a thing until now! This is the first time I’ve decided to really go all in when it comes to my home furnishings and decor. White walls can get pretty boring when you’re renting an apartment or home. It honestly drives me nuts. So, I decided to spice it up and add a bit of flare to my apartment by trying out removable wallpaper for an accent wall.

    Home Decor Lover on A Budget

    Originally I wanted to wallpaper the entire room and of course I still can but it can get expensive quickly. I opted for an accent wall and ended up buying two rolls of removable wallpaper from amazon for 1 wall. The application process wasn’t very challenging to do alone but it would have been a bit more efficien with another person. Also, spending on necessary tools to help apply the wallpaper wasn’t that expensive either.

    Typically people will use a wallpaper spray tool to activate the adhesive with. The spray nozzle and size of the tool is much bigger and can apply in a wider range of area when working. However, I didn’t want to buy a tool I only believed I was going to use once. I opted to use a regular hairspray bottle and it still made my process smooth! Don’t say I told you but a ladder also isn’t necessary depending on the height of the wall you’re trying to cover. I personally don’t know anyone with a ladder and didn’t want to rent one for this one project. My next best option was to stand on something tall in hopes I could reach the ceiling. That’s not the safest option and if you’re gonna go down that route, please be careful!

    Final Thoughts & Results

    Since it was my first time, I was sort of expecting to mess up at least one time. I did end up cutting too short of a strip for the wall and was able to blend it to make it less noticeable. I don’t think anyone can really tell its uneven unless they’re looking for it. Plus its my apartment, so its good enough for me! Lol. Honestly, I don’t have much experience with wallpaper let alone removable wallpaper but I can say the application process was easy, the quality of it looks great, and I would definitely purchase again.

    As far as the removing part I don’t plan on removing it anytime soon but if I ever do, I’ll keep you updated and let you know how that process goes. Let’s hope it goes smoothly!

    Until next time,


    Products Used For Removable Wallpaper

    Victorine – Frances Parkinson Keys Book Review

    Processed with MOLDIV

    Level of Reading Difficulty: 2 out of 5

    Book Rating: 4 out of 5

    Copyright Year: 1958

    Old Soul Buys First Antique Book

    My generation is an interesting one. We were born into the digital era but have experiences of life before the second industrial revolution. Ya know, the technology revolution. Reading is what I enjoyed and primarily did before I got my first cellphone. It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a book review and mainly because I was concerned about the lack of people reading them. Through recent practice of not caring about whom I may be serving, I’ve decided to put my voice and thoughts on a tray for those willing to take from it.

    I’ve always been someone who appreciates the older ways of life because I value their experience richer at times than my own. I find it richer in a terms of wisdom, I suppose. Anyone older than me could argue my experience is richer due to ease of living and convenience. However, I find both ways of living to have their pros and cons in terms of value. I just romanticize life before technology to be much more pleasant. This is one of the reasons I believe I’ve enjoyed this book so much.

    It brings me so much joy to live in a ‘small’ town in California and be able to find such little treasures like this book at antique shops. I plucked ‘Victorine’ from the shelves based on the title name and flipped the book open to read the description cover flap. Of course, I fell in love.

    The Story (No Spoilers!)

    The setting of the story takes place in the early 1920’s of Louisiana. Louisiana was originally owned by France and had left a large cultural influence after being purchased by the U.S.. For some reason I’ve personally always adored French culture for its beauty and romance. Also, Louisiana is a signifying Southern state which hits close to home for me seeing that I’m from Texas. So, I’ve got my fancy taste and country culture in a book. I’m already sold! The setting of a book sets the atmosphere for our imagination. Without the setting, we have nothing to create or build from in a story.

    The book is named after one of the main characters Victorine, whom was easily relatable to the traditional minded feminine fashionista. Her co star being her romancer, Prosper Villac was a generally well liked man throughout his community. Their romance comes unexpectedly but an uber drive once told me and an ex boyfriend some advice that relates to this story line. “If you two are willing to argue that much with one another, you must care deeply about each other”. At the time, I didn’t care to hear the driver’s advice but now I can understand where he’s coming from. This advice goes hand in hand with Victorine and Prosper. I wouldn’t say this is the best piece of advice, on account it depends on what you’re arguing about with a significant other. What and how you’re arguing can depict the severity of care you may or may not have for one another. In this storyline case, it was a lack of lifestyle differences and understanding. Victorine could be viewed as pretentious because of her upbringing as opposed to Prosper’s humble life.

    Book Appeal

    The romance isn’t what made me want to continuously read “Victorine”. What really sold me is the idea of Prosper being potentially involved with the murder of his previous love interest. Once a dead body was found in Prosper’s workplace, his reputation, trust, and freedom was on the line. Most importantly his newly announced love for Victorine was also at stake. Francis Keys narrates perspectives for each character so that the reader isn’t entirely biased and favoring of one person throughout the story. I personally tend to elaborate and draw out my stories, so I enjoy a good book that does so too! It keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and persuades them to keep reading to find out who actually committed the murder.

    If you’re a fan of stories like The Notebook, you’ll most definitely enjoy this book. I wouldn’t say the passion about the romance is as elaborate or drawn out as that story though. This book dances between mystery and romance. Victorine is beautifully written and it constantly had me in awe of appreciation for older authors. Not to put a bad vibe out there for modern writers but the vocabulary and the form of writing during this time period was just extremely different. I’d like to continue reading books from Francis Keyes and experiment with other books published around the same time.

    Final Thoughts

    The main characters names just dawned on me. Prosper is a perfect name for this character based on his continuous emotional roller coaster of character development. Victorine is also a signifying name for her character because of the many battles she has to face throughout her character development but consistently prevails with victories. This book has short chapters and is a fairly quick read. It allowed me to fall in love and hope for a happy ending which I haven’t found in quite some time. I recommend this book to someone who may want to get back into reading or someone whom enjoys old romance.

    Love & Light


    Current Eyebrow Routine & Tutorial

    Simple Eyebrow Tutorial for Beginners

    This is my current eyebrow routine! It’s super simple and anyone can accomplish this brow with enough practice. My hairstyle currently covers my eyebrows and I don’t put too much effort into them because of it. If you’re someone who wants great brows with minimal effort this tutorial would be great for you. Whatever my hairstyle is, I tend to change my eyebrow shape to match it. This means I will have future eyebrow tutorials on different styles and shapes of brows. Let me know if you’d like to see any specific makeup routines or how to videos from me.

    Products Used in The Tutorial

    Love & Light