Top 10 Flower Fields of the World to Visit

Please take note there is a difference between field and garden. 

1 .Furano Flower Fields – Hokkaido, Japan

2. Hitachi Seaside Park – Hitachinaka, Japan

3. Sunflower Fields – Tuscany, Italy

4. Flower Fields – Carlsbad, California5. Mt. Mukeshpuri Daisy Fields – Abbottabad District, Pakistan

6. Daffodil Fields – Puyallup, Washington

7. Rapeseed Fields – Luoping, China

8. Lavender Fields – Provence, France

9. Tulip Fields – Lisse,Netherlands

10. Valley of Flowers – Uttaranchal, India


Flower Fields & Daydreaming

Hello there! This is my first travel post and I’m very excited to start this category on my blog. Excited, because I believe traveling is something all people should try to experience in a lifetime. Traveling anywhere unfamiliar can give a new perspective on things like culture and nature. This new category will not only allow me to share personal traveling experiences but I’ll also be able to share things about the world that you may never come across!

For some reason, I love showing people things they’ve never seen or heard of before. With this new category of my blog, I hope it should evoke dreams, goals, and inspirations in you. Whenever we travel we gain experience.  As a result of experience, we grow. I thought for the sake of my blog’s name, the first travel post should be dedicated to notorious flowers fields all throughout the world. Many people travel just to see these massive flower fields. Of the fields I’d like to visit, I think the Lavender Fields in France would smell the most heavenly. However, riding a bike to find the sunflower fields in Italy after having a bowl of pasta would be a dream! Maybe one day I’ll get to experience one of these gorgeous fields in person. For now, I’ll just daydream and look at the photos.

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10 Things I didn’t Expect When I Moved to Los Angeles


Hey guys! I got super nostalgic a few days ago and decided to make this video. I haven’t lived in Los Angeles that long but have learned so much from the time I’ve been here and wanted to share. I dare you to count how many times I say the word Texas! These are the 10 Things I didn’t Expect when I moved to Los Angeles 1.Using Parking Garages Religiously 2.Central A/C is not common! 3.Running Red Lights is Normal? 4.Traffic will kill your soul, slowly. 5.Long lines are everywhere. 6.People aren’t always kind. 7.Scammers are more intense 8.The LA Mentality 9.Vegan AF 10.Dog Friendly City