Slowdive Live at Levitation 2018

“Sugar for the Pill” – Slowdive

10 Must Know Tips for Levitation Fest

A Levitation Festival Guide

Spring is thriving and we’re officially knee deep in festival season. I recently went to Levitation Fest 2018  and it was beyond words amazing! Since it was my first time going, I didn’t know what to expect or what to be prepared for. Now that I’ve gone and had the full experience, I can help show you the ropes. There are a  things I learned that you might want to know before going.

Levitation has changed over the past few years from being an outdoor event called Pysch Fest to a multiple location venue event in downtown Austin, Texas.  Most of the shows are conveniently held at bars within walking distance of one another which makes it easy to find most performances.
My friends and I stayed in Austin from Thursday to Sunday in an AirBnb about 20 minutes away. We were able to watch 3 shows packed with 5 bands or more each night for under $50 per ticket. Drinks were relatively cheap in comparison to my usual LA bar scene and there were many vegan food options around! Some of the events are 18+ and others 21+ depending on the location. We had a wild time dancin’ and singin’ along all weekend and will definitely be attending the festival next year!

Here’s a list of tips & tricks to consider before attending Levitation Fest:

1.Pick a hotel or airbnb near venues.

To avoid having to uber or drive back and fourth during the festival, choosing a hotel or airbnb downtown within walking distance would be the most convenient option. #learnedalesson

2.Find a good parking spot ahead of time.

There’s NO designated parking area for Levitation Fest in downtown Austin. If driving you’ll need to make arrangements to pay for a meter, parking lot, or parking garage ahead of time.

3.Screenshot mobile tickets prior to attending a show.

You might not have service at the venue and this is a solid guarantee you’ll have the tickets upon arrival.

4. Arrive early to shows!

Get there before doors open because you’ll have to wait in line for who knows how long if you decide to arrive on time. You may end up missing one of your favorite bands. It’s better to be early than late!

5.Download the find my iPhone app.

If you’re an iPhone user, make sure to have everyone in your group download the ‘Find my iPhone app’ just in case your phone is lost or stolen. Android users and others I don’t know how to help you. Lol!

6.Eat ahead of time.

Not all venues carry food but food trucks and restaurants are near most venues. I suggest eating before  because there is no gauruntee there’s food available, especially if you’re vegan. 😉

7.Bring a backpack or bag with enough space. 

If you’re thinking about buying merch, make sure to bring a backpack with enough space. The backpack will help avoid having to hold merchandise during the event.

8.Come prepared knowing the bathroom situation.

Be prepared at some shows to use port-o-pottys. There isn’t always a place to wash hands or look in a mirror. Bring wet wipes, hand sanitizer, or whatever your preference is for sanitation!

9.Don’t bring blankets or chairs.

Most of the shows are held in bars, so no blankets or things to sit on is required. However, consider bringing a jacket. Spring season in Austin at night can get pretty cool around the low 60’s.

10.Wear boots or comfortable sneakers.

 Some venues had rocks and dirt rather than regular concrete flooring. Walking around in heels or platforms shoes may not be the most comfortable at certain venues. I reccomend to Yelp or Google the venue before deciding on what type of shoe to wear. (I wore platforms and it was not logical, but I felt cute! I don’t recommend this at all. Lol!)
Hopefully some of these tips help before attending Levitation Festival!
If you  have more tips you want to share, be sure to leave a comment below.
See ya at the next fest!



7 Pet Peeves about Music Fans


We are moving and groovin towards the right direction now! What better way than to start off by telling you what boils my blood when I talk to people about music? In this video, I give a short list about pet peeves that I’ve experience while talking to others about music! This video is not meant to offend! We all have our opinions and we are more than entitled to have them and express them. After watching the video, let me know some of your pet peeves or if we have any in common!

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Hey guys! I’m going to start creating more youtube videos about music, so I thought I’d start off by doing another tag video! I’m super passionate about music and I know others share that same love. Hopefully by watching this video you can get an idea about the type of music I listen to and maybe find a good artist/band you’ve never heard of. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Choir Boy Live at the EchoPlex


Who is Choir Boy?

Choir Boy is a unique indie synth-pop music group that resides in Utah. To be quite honest, I’d never heard of the group before I knew of them touring with Death of Lovers. Once the tour was announced, I immediately had to give Choir Boy a listen and you definitely should too! After hearing a few songs, it was easy to understand why the band’s name is Choir Boy. Adam Klopp the lead singer and creator has an angelic voice that is implemented throughout his music in an uncommon way in this day and era. Choir Boy’s sound is something we could’ve possibly heard in the 80’s but here it is beautifully flourishing in 2018.

Choir Boy’s first album ‘Passive with Desire‘ was released in 2016 and features songs that exude a nostalgic presence. His music is soft with contrasts of heartbreak and mental health issues in the lyrics. Giving Choir Boy a quick listen captivated my soul and I was even more excited to attend the Death of Lover show. Here is a clip I recorded while at the show on January 21, 2018.

“Sunday Light” – Choir Boy

Live Performance at The Echoplex

Seeing Choir Boy perform live for the first time sounded as if I was listening to his pre-recorded album. Not only is his music amazing, but the bands talent is even better live! One of my favorite aspects of music is being able to listen to it in different mediums. For example, listening to an album through headphones, car speakers, record player, or hearing it live. My favorite medium is hearing music performed live and Choir Boy’s performance was phenomenal. Looking over the video I recorded of this performance, I was inspired to make something out of it. Hopefully Choir Boy doesn’t mind the visual edits.. Lol!

If you have never heard of this band, give them a listen on Spotify and check out their Youtube channel!