Sincerity is Scary

Photography by Kristen Lauren 

Instagram: @sorcerkriss

Jacket – Lazy Oaf x Daria Chore Jacket

Top – Forever 21 Black Body Suit

Skirt -Vinyl Top Shop Skirt

Boots – Doc Martens

This was my second natural hair shoot but with a photographer I’ve never worked with before!  For some reason, I enjoy trying and doing new things that make me feel extremely uncomfortable. I never thought in a million years I’d be able to confidently model WITH my natural hair. Yet, here I am doing it! A special thank you to Kristin for being able to see the vision, help create with me, and take the time out of her schedule! 

I don’t think many people realize how important these last two shoots were for me.  Facing my fears by using my natural physical appearance to create has helped me grow in a way that I feel like I can do anything I want. We’re always told, “you can do anything you want”, but rarely do we ever believe it. You can bet now that I finally believe the saying. Growing up in a society where there’s beauty standards that we actually follow is so beyond fucked up. To hell with beauty standards, I don’t give a damn anymore. I can and will show you different versions of beauty to open your eyes. It’s in my hopes you’ll be able to see beauty in everything and everyone. 



Stranger Tonight

Digital & Film photography by: Ron Khy

Jacket- American Vintage

First photoshoot with no makeup and natural hair.

November 2018



Virgin State of Mind


Film Photography:


Photography by: Ron Khy



This photoshoot was very intimate for me. I’ve haven’t been photographed without makeup or fake hair in a long time. Now that my feet are in the water.. let’s see if I can swim.






November Feelz Playlist

Getting back in my groove with my youtube channel by sharing my favorite songs during the month of November! I love finding and sharing music with people, so hopefully you can find something you enjoy from this video & spotify playlist! If you’d like to hear more of what I listened to this month check out out my playlist here —>

Top 10 Songs

1.Destroyer – Ruby Haunt

2.Darling – Ruby Haunt

3.Face The Fire – Boy Harsher

4.Juicy Socks – Cherry Glazerr

5.SWING – Tory Lanez

6.Kiss Me Until My Lips Fall Off – Lebanon Hanover

7.She Bad – Tyla Yawah

8.Any Old Time – Billie Holiday

9.#1 Crush – Garbage

10.Neverland – Sisters of Mercy

Wig Collection: 2018|Try on Haul!