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      Lonely & Strange Date
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      Top Looks from Saint Laurent RTW Fall/Winter 2019-2020
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      Wild Heart
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      Black Valentine

    My Real Name

    The Real Me

    The internet can be an amazing realm and tool but at the same time it can be extremely dangerous if too much information is revealed. Over the past few years, I had to use a fake alias in order to keep my identity safe. However, I’m no longer afraid of people simply knowing my name. I want people to know it because it holds a significance! This has been a video I’ve been wanting to make for a long time but in my past didn’t feel as if it was the right time. Divine timing is something I firmly believe in and now is the time to create more personal bonds with you more than ever before.

    When someone introduces themselves to you, they are no longer a stranger. This exchange of names allows us to connect on a deeper level. I’m no longer a stranger to you today if you decided to watch this video. It’s in my hopes that you subscribe and we can continue to get to know one another through this realm.

    Talk Soon,


    DIY Patio Black Thrift Furniture

    How I Saved Money on Patio Furniture

    Before I get into how I accomplished DIY-ing these chairs, let me just say I’m not a professional! I have no idea if this is the ‘right’ way to finish furniture but I’m happy with my results and this is a way to make it work! If you’re anything like me when it comes to liking nice things but can’t always afford it, this is one solution. This is extremely easy and much more affordable than buying a brand new patio set. Plus if you thrift your furniture, it’s more unique and the chances of anybody else having the same kind as you are slim!

    I was looking at patio sets online and was willing to spend the amount of money for a brand new one. The patio sets I was looking at were priced around $150-$200 and I honestly couldn’t justify spending that much money on something I thought looked extremely basic/boring. My next option was to go out in search of patio furniture in a thrift store and that weekend I struck gold! The quality of these chairs feel as if they’ve hardly been sat on and I can’t forget to mention how spacious they are. For the heck of it, I want to see if it I actually ended up saving money. Let’s do some math!

    Thrifted Furniture ($60) + Spray Paint ($35) + Tarp ($8) + Painting Gloves ($13) = Total $116

    p.s I didn’t include the cleaning wipes because it only takes water and a cloth to clean the furniture. I just had the Lysol wipes around the apartment & thought why not! All in all I saved some money in comparison to what I was willing to spend and my patio furniture is unique! Score!

    The DIY Process

    What You’ll Need:

    • Thrifted Furniture
    • Spray Paint
    • Cleaning Materials (Water & Cloth will work just fine too!)
    • Gloves
    • Plastic Tarp (If you’re painting in an area you don’t want to ruin)

    Step 1:

    Before painting, clean off thrifted furniture. Dust it, wipe it down, and make sure there isn’t any gunk on it. I cleaned one of my chairs and was amazed at the difference of color vibrancy. I honestly didn’t think it was that dirty. The photo doesn’t really show how huge of a difference it is, but its very important to clean the furniture before hand. You’ll be sitting on dirty furniture & never be able to clean it if you just paint it directly. Can you spot the difference?

    Step 2:

    Shake your spray paint for a minute or two and then complete a spray test NOT on the furniture! Sometimes the spray paint cans have a mind of their own and will spray too much product. Be sure that its spraying properly before giving it a go on the furniture. Once the spray test is done, slowly start spraying your furniture.

    Step 3:

    Go over the furniture with one coat of spray paint and let it dry for the spray paint’s can suggested timed. Once it dries, feel free to go back over it if you missed some spots. I know I definitely had to go back over it!

    Step 4:

    Decorate & Furnish that patio!

    This is only the beginning of furnishing my patio! I do plan on getting pillows for the chairs, a rug, lights, and tons more decor for this space. Little by little I’m working on each room in my apartment to make it feel more home-y. This is the first time in my life I’ve actually wanted to stay somewhere for awhile and decided to invest in it. Making a home definitely takes time to do especially if you’re a single little lady like me on a budget. I hope you enjoy seeing how I flip things and make them work. I plan on sharing more of my home makeover with you!

    Until next time,


    Why I Quit Smoking Weed After 10 Years

    Out & In The Open

    I never thought in a million years I’d ever openly talk about my marijuana usage with people publicly but here we are! Smoking weed and being high always made me feel stupid and embarrassed to talk about although its increasingly becoming more accepted into society. My natural feelings towards that, I believe were a foreshadow of me eventually quitting. I never struggled with addiction like some do because personally it was just a matter of me quitting a hobby. Luckily, I don’t crave smoking weed and am completely done smoking it.

    This video was not made to convince anyone to stop smoking. I just wanted to share how it effected my life and why I decided to quit. If society begins to start legalizing it widely, we need to invest in funding research on how the substance will effect us long term. It’s frightening to use something and not know how it truly effects us inside and out. There is a lot of misinformation out there! I believe I saw the effects of it long term and have decided to quit because of those reasons. How we decide to live our lives is a personal choice and I respect others decisions. It’s in my hopes that every person chooses to live in what they consider their best and healthiest version of life. It wouldn’t make sense not to live that way unless we aren’t educated on how to be the healthiest and best form of ourselves. I understand that people struggle because of this but by sharing my personal story I also hope it sheds light in perspective on how to live at your highest level of consciousness.

    Love & Light


    How to Balance Energy

    Practice Makes Perfect

    The collective energy feels frantic but persevering today. There may be a million things to do and not enough time but any amount of work is still progress! With that being said, it may be difficult to work because your energy is off. Today I sensed there was a need to remind you to practice balance. So, I whipped up a little guide on one of my personal rituals that could help balance your energy anywhere you are!

    There are many ways to manipulate your energy if it feels frantic and is disrupting your flow. Today, I’m just going to share one but there are many different practices out there. This little ritual I have when this happens to me may seem silly  (because you have a mental block) or like you’re not doing it right, but once you start practicing you’ll get back in your proper energy flow for the day. You may even have to do it multiple times in one day, but it works! Be patient and take your time when practicing. Your body will adjust with the ritual with time. 

    This is something I personally thought was stupid when I first tried it but the more I practiced, the more it helped me! Remember, tis the Taurus season to slow down. We’ll get to where we’re goin, we just have to take care of ourselves first!

    Love & Light


    Salem the Black Pug ASMR

    Salem the Black Pug

    This was my second attempt at filming something with Salem and I have to say he’s quite the movie star! He secretly loves the camera and will pose for me if I ask nicely. Salem has such a big personality and I’m so lucky to have him as my pet. Whenever I got him, I really didn’t know what it took to be a dog parent. It’s a lot more than just giving them snacks and cuddles all the time. Needless to say, Salem and I have been through a lot together. He’s always been there for me during hard times and me for him. I wasn’t allowed to have any pets growing up and I think thats what makes our bond special. As soon as I got comfortable in my first apartment, I drove 6 hours to find Salem. Here we are 5 years later. I love this dog with my whole heart and would do anything for him. If you enjoy watching videos of Salem, I would love to make more!

    Love & Light