Life Update on Spirituality, Stalkers, & Dreams

Hello! It’s been such a long time since I put out a youtube video. I’m sorry for the delay. We must trust in divine timing little flowers. I thought I’d share a life update on what I’ve been doing for the past few months and what direction I’d like to go. Make a cup of tea and get comfy because we’re having a deep & thoughtful talk! From A to B. <3




Lonely & Strange Date

Pants – Current Mood Nancy Corsett Leggings

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Hat – American Vintage

Shirt – There’s no tag & I have no idea!

Purse – Forever 21

Date Yourself

So, I live in one of what is considered the most desired places in the United States. Los Angeles, California! You’d totally think I’d have tons of friends and my life was perfect, right? Wrong! Due to my current job, which I don’t want to discuss right now (someday soon, I will), it’s hard for me to make friends! The reason it’s challenging isn’t because I’m not sociable or that I’m awkward.. it’s simply because my job is isolating. The job hardly allows me to interact with people unless I go out of my way to do so. I’ve had the same job since I graduated college in 2015 and meeting people with similar interests has been a struggle. I’ve never let my isolating job stop me from doing things I want to do though! After I got over the fear of going places alone, I began to realize how awesome it is to still do things I enjoy with and for myself.

Recently, I went to see a band called Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats at this huge venue and stood close to the front all by myself! I made a couple of friends while there too. Before I take myself out on a date, there are a few “rituals” or things I do that help me feel like I’m gonna have a good time! Basically, I romanticize everything I’m doing for myself as I would if I was being picked up or taken out for a date. Everyone’s ideal of romance is a little different but things like taking care & treating myself make me feel amazing. Do whatever works for you if you’re trying to feel more comfortable going places by yourself! Here a few of my own…

The Raven Rituals

Express Yourself

Going to any type of music show is one of my favorite things because I get to “dress up”. For some that may be stupid because going to a show is about listening to music. I feel you. However, you can’t deny that music has its own culture within itself in terms of association. That’s why so many young kids nowadays “look” punk but don’t even know who Black Flag or the Sex Pistols are! They dress for association but don’t know its origins on why punks dressed the way they did. If you do associate and actually listen to music, there’s normally a whole culture surrounding the band or genre. Being apart of culture includes looking the part unfortunately. It’s just the way it is.

There’s no harm in dressing a certain way because you want to feel associated to that group but I highly recommend you do you research beforehand. You never know what kind of expression or message you could be sending to others if you’re unaware of what you’re wearing!

Anywho, my blog usually features outfit of the days because natural lighting is the best. During the day, my looks may not be as over the top or extra as some like to call it in comparison to night looks. There’s a whole other side of my wardrobe that I don’t particularly share because I mainly wear it at night and am usually to busy livin’ to think about photos. However, my looks at night are usually black, edgy, and I most likely have a lot of skin showing. I think my night looks show my shadow side. Would you be interested in seeing more outfits of the night? Leave a comment below if so!

with love & light,


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats Live in Los Angeles

Who’s Uncle Acid?

If you’re into rock music that falls under the umbrella of stoner, psychedelic, occult, or doom genres and haven’t heard of Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats today is your lucky fuckin’ day! As a lady that loves nostalgia this band is my absolute jam. I’m not going to type out a history lesson of the band and bore you like I normally would. You can google that. However, I will share why I admire Uncle Acid’s music so much and why I decided to go to a concert like this by myself.

Well, first and foremost the band’s sound is not being mass produced or created in 2019. The sound is something you’d hear in the late 60’s or early 70’s which automatically makes it fantastic. The band’s been known to use vintage recording equipment and instruments hence the authenticity of their sound. You caught me, I wasn’t born during those decades but apart of my soul resonates with anything related to art that came out during that era. So sue me for being a nostalgic asshat, I can’t help myself sometimes.

Anyway, Uncle Acid has been around for 10 years and I discovered them about 2 years ago! What immediately attracted me was the darkness of lyricism and heaviness of sound combined. If you’re a Black Sabbath fan, you know the sound I’m talking about! When discovering Uncle Acid, Vol 1 was the album that sold me. Blood Lust is considered their “breakthrough album” aka the one that got them more recognized. However, Vol 1 is still my favorite because of “Dead Eyes of London”, “Crystal Spiders”, and “Vampire Circus”. It doesn’t matter where you start if you’re gonna listen because they’re good all around if you like this genre of music! Just a heads up, I did two live recordings. One on my cell phone and one on an actual camera. This recording below is the cell phone, and not one of my best due to my inability to stop dancing. The second video in this blog post is much better but I think you’ll get the idea of their sound by just listening to a a minute or two of either video!

Flying Solo at a Rock Concert

Whenever you hear a band like this for the first time on Spotify, Vinyl, CD, or whatever you know their live performance is gonna be freakin’ amazing. There’s no bells and whistles with them, it’s just pure music. Whenever I found out they were going to be in Los Angeles in March, I bought my ticket in October of 2018. I bought my ticket 6 months in advanced! You could say, I’m pretty dedicated. Since Uncle Acid is from England, I had no idea how big the venue or crowd turn out was going to be but I knew I had to see them regardless. So.. why did I end up going alone?

I debated on asking anyone because I knew most of my friends wouldn’t want to waste the money on seeing a band they weren’t really into. I also could’ve offered to pay for someone’s ticket if I really felt like I wanted company. When it came down to the the day, I did invite a friend last minute but they couldn’t make it! So, I took it as a natural sign to just go by myself. This wasn’t my first show by myself but it was probably the biggest venue I went to alone.

In my humble opinion, the coolest thing about going to something like this by yourself is most of the people in attendance are into the same shit you are! It’s super easy to make friends in between sets and if you’re a girl the bathroom is a great place for socializing. Lol! I started going to shows alone whenever I was around the age of 21 and honestly at first it was really awkward.

There I was, standing alone and constantly looking at my cell phone to make sure I looked like I had something to do. As time progressed and I kept doing things alone, the less I felt like I needed to look busy. The more I found myself engaging with my environment, keeping my head up, and talking to more people. Practice makes perfect but also keep in mind the comfort zone can and will kill you in the long run. So, try not to be afraid to be different, weird, alone, or look a certain way. Do things for yourself and start living the life you desire. The time is now or never!

Overcoming the Fear

Whenever I go to shows or movies by myself, I do exactly as I would if I was going with someone. One of my favorite things to do before I take myself out on a date is self care. It may sound silly but it just makes my experience more fun. I highly recommend ya try it before you knock it! My self care routine can range from taking a long shower, moisturizing, face masks, taking myself to dinner, picking out an amazing outfit, and etc. Whatever makes you feel comfortable or helps you find comfort in going somewhere alone do it before the show! If you’d like to see the outfit I wore to Uncle Acid & read more about my self care routine before music shows alone there’s a post all about here!

Now that I’ve made you read this far, I’m gonna let you go but I do hope you check out Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats. I found them on Spotify & they also have some songs floating around youtube! Be sure to let me know what you think of their music in the comments.

Until the Next Show,


We Probably Madeout To One Of These Songs.

Just getting started with this playlist.
I’ll keep adding to it! 🙂

Top Looks from Saint Laurent RTW Fall/Winter 2019-2020

My Guilty Pleasure..

High fashion isn’t something I normally write or blog about. However, there’s no doubt that some of us have our favorite designers, artists, and musicians that we never usually share. One of mine that I’ve only ever had the pleasure of indulging in once in my lifetime is Yves Saint Laurent. This brand has represented modernity, structured rebellion, and class in its decadent signature looks throughout the years. I may not be someone who consistently wears this brand but I do drool over it quite often.

When the looks begin to sprinkle across the internet as fashion week fades into a memory, I begin to gawk, maybe even drool. Many people think fashion is not art and its a waste of time, money, and pointless culture. It’s a great thing I’m not one of those people! This ready-to-wear collection of YSL for 2019/2020 was something I could expect from the brand but was still thoroughly impressed with the color schemes, shapes, and movement of each piece. The only aspect I’d have to say I’m not a fan of was the ending of the show..

No Blacklights Please

The neon trend is not something I can get on board with! I find neon in fall/winter to be too bold and too bright for the season. That’s not to say, one can’t be creative or even daring during the season but I just was not inspired by the neon. I didn’t include any looks from the ending of the show for that reason. Bright colors in fall and winter seems daring maybe even edgy but I found it reminiscent of a black light party in my freshman college days. I don’t mean that in a nostalgic good way. The models became unseen and the only aspect of clothing that was seen were their blacklight attributes. Watching the video of the runway show, it seemed entertaining to see bright neon colored clothing float around in the dark and be displayed against a large mirror. I give YSL that credit for creativity but the neon colors seemed fitting for ravers and 2010 club goers. Nonetheless before the lights went out, there were some eye catching pieces. Watch the show below and leave a comment about what you think about the neon!

Until next time,